Everyone should agree by now that with a wide range of differing viewpoints, the most beneficial one to humanity will prevail. That remains true especially when you look at the timeline of history on a large scale. For example, it may be said that World War II had to happen in order to show militant antisemitism for the contemptuous horror it is. We couldn’t have benefitted from sweeping it under the rug, just like sex in the Victorian era. We now recognise that humans of all creeds, persuasions and ethnic backgrounds must be allowed the right to be heard. Similarly, the rest of society must be allowed the right to hear those mutterings, nice or nasty.

That’s where the 21st century bourgeoisie can be introduced. They’re the most privileged group of animals to ever grace the Earth, and they’ve forgotten what makes them the righteous founders of modern liberal society. ‘Diversity’ is their ultimate buzzword, and granted, ‘buzzword’ is my buzzword, but diversity doesn’t do anything for the good of the world if it’s being directed to irrelevant areas. These areas include the very things that don’t or shouldn’t subdivide our species: race, sexuality, gender.

Diversity of race is ideal, sure, but given that race says nothing about someone’s personality, we should let the chips of migration fall where they may. The equivalent can be said of sexuality and gender. The only important diversity is diversity of opinion, i.e. the very last piece of the puzzle that is being suppressed in ‘liberal’ discourse today. Maybe we ought to refrain from using the term ‘political correctness’ because it seems it may have been dumbed down by repetition to nothing punchy at all. However, if we each were to read Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four and take a crash course in 20th century history we could all learn a thing or two about the dynamics of humanity.

By the way, don’t look up ‘racial differences’. You’ll be swimming in percentages, graphs and analyses that are to be read by anthropologists or whatever, and I’m asking you not to look at them, please.