Last month, House Democrats again re-elected Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) to minority leader, this time over the more centrist Tim Ryan (D-OH). The 134-63 vote suggests one thing: The Democrats are tone-deaf to the messages America is sending them.

Following the vote, Rep. Kurt Schrader (D-OR), who publicly backed Tim Ryan for Minority Leader, said, “I’m very worried we just signed the Democratic Party’s death certificate.” 

And he’s probably right.

On election night, America showed Democrats the door. Their coastal-elite, top-down, aggressive liberal approach to governing for the past decade abandoned American workers, ignored our international allies, and emboldened our enemies. When Democrats had a chance to take the Senate and White House, and increase their stakes in the House, American voters, especially rural voters, declined. Rural Americans voted 3-to-1 for Republicans over Democrats. 

For them, the Affordable Care Act was a train wreck that sent their insurance costs skyrocketing.  The healthcare policy that Nancy Pelosi sent through without reading, Obama considers his crowning achievement, and Hillary tried to double down on, was a disaster for ordinary, hard-working Americans.  No one heard them.

Coastal liberals like Nancy Pelosi look down their nose at blue-collar heartland workers. The Democrats chose Hillary Clinton, Arkansas-native-turned urban, D.C. elitist as their candidate for President. Hillary, who Pelosi has fervently supported, held her rallies almost exclusively to large cities and urban areas, and her fundraisers with the Hollywood and DC elite. Again, the heartland was largely ignored.

In the races for U.S. Senate, Floridians had a Patrick Murphy, a rich, compulsory liar challenging Marco Rubio. Hoosiers had Evan Bayh, a man who has personally profited from votes. Wisconsinites had Russ Feingold, a tax-and-spend insider longing to be back in D.C. 

In addition to failing in their bid to unseat Senator Roy Blunt, Missouri Democrats lost traction in the state legislature, and lost all five of the statewide executive offices. Chris Koster, the Democratic candidate for Missouri Governor, was arguably one of the most conservative Democrats to run this cycle — he was even endorsed by the NRA.  Yet, voters rejected him because knew that behind him were the likes of Clinton and Pelosi.

Democrats lost by large margins in a number of states. They simply have no real bench of candidates who can connect with the average citizen.

Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN), the current frontrunner for the DNC chairmanship, is extremely disconnected as well.  He:

  • Openly opposes the existence of the Second Amendment;
  • Consistently receives 100% ratings from the radical abortion group NARAL;
  • Voted ‘no’ on funding our military while we were in Iraq;
  • Attempted to impeach Vice President Dick Cheney;
  • Compared President Bush to Hitler, and much more.

A man with a radical world view like this can’t possibly lead the Democratic Party back into prominence.

The Democrats are losing and will continue to lose so long as they keep intellectual, better-than-thou liberals at the helm of their party.  When the 115th Congress convenes in 2017, over ⅓ of House Democrats will be from California, New York, and Massachusetts. Leading them will be Nancy Pelosi, the greatest cause for a Republican majority since 2010. Brushed aside will be Tim Ryan, possibly one of the only few Democrats who understands their party is in serious danger.

While the coastal Democrats continue to misunderstand the average American, flyover-country Democrats will do their best to bide their time until they, too, lose their seats.