Bottomless pig-ignorance & recklessness.” “A radical temporary deviation.” Such are the breathless reactions of the liberal politicians and media figures to Donald Trump’s phone conversation with the President of Taiwan, Tsai Ing-Wen. The short phone conversation indicates that President-elect Trump may be willing to break with the One China policy, which harks back to the days of Richard Nixon (though avoiding conversation with Taiwanese leaders was an innovation of the disastrous Carter Administration). The conversation risks, according to Vox, “fundamentally upending decades of US policy toward Taiwan and enraging China, the world’s only other superpower.” Gasp.

Reality check: China is a corrupt Communist-controlled dictatorship that suppresses the speech and information of its citizens. It has a terrible human rights record. Torture is an accepted political tool. Meanwhile, the country is seeking to expand its influence by limiting that of the U.S., bullying other countries and forcing them to cooperate. Oh yeah, and it props up the abusive, insane dictator of North Korea. Let’s be clear: American policy should seek to combat China and limit its influence. What, exactly, is wrong with supporting a democracy that respects human rights such as Taiwan, and not kowtowing to China and its communist rulers?

The Left loves to highlight America’s human-right failings, real or imagined. WWII-era detention of Japanese-Americans, American support of Chilean dictator Augustus Pinochet, and the use of Agent Orange during the Vietnam War are but a few of the litany of sins recited for confession at the Church of Condemnation of American Imperialism. Yet, so many liberals are strangely reticent when it comes to combating current abusive regimes such as China or Iran. Henry Kissinger or George W. Bush are labelled war criminals, yet cruel murderers like Fidel Castro and Che Guevara are romanticized and celebrated. Why the double standard?