Donald Trump has selected Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt to head the Environmental Protection Agency. This selection has sent Democrats and environmentalists into complete panic mode. Pruitt, a longtime critic of the EPA, is exactly what the out-of-control bureaucratic agency needs.

During President Obama’s time in office the EPA abandoned their job of protecting the environment from legitimate threats. They have instead focused on their “fight” against unsubstantiated climate change.  The EPA did this through intrusive policies that were placed on land and business owners.

Pruitt has stood up against the EPA’s radical agenda which included their “Waters of the United States” rule. This rule which exemplified big government policies would have placed more regulations onto private landowners.

Pruitt is a climate change skeptic but encourages debate on the topic. He has stood up against Democrats and the EPA who bully those who disagree with the climate change alarmists. In a National Review article on the issue, Pruitt claimed that, “the debate is far from settled.”

“We do not doubt the sincerity of the beliefs of our fellow attorney generals about climate change and the role human activity plays in it,” the article stated.  “But we call upon them to press those beliefs through debate, not through governmental intimidation of those who disagree with them. Few things could be more un-American.”

Those on the left have been extremely opposed to the pick, calling Pruitt a “climate change denier.” Popular democratic leaders such as Bernie Sanders, Chuck Schumer, and Dan Pfeiffer have been extremely outspoken on the president-elect’s selection claiming that he is a “threat to the planet” and stands with “big oil” and not the American people.

Unlike what these critics are saying, Pruitt will indeed stand and work for the American people. He believes in states’ rights and fights against an overreaching federal government. He has worked for job growth and fought against polices that will hurt much-needed industries like the coal industry.

Pruitt will work towards erasing President Obama’s climate change agenda, which has drained millions of dollars from the economy for ineffective policies. Pruitt will serve the country by not only protecting the environment but also protecting American jobs.

“Some believe that we don’t need an EPA, that they don’t have any role at all,” Pruitt said in a 2013 interview. “I’m not one of those folks. I think the EPA can serve, and has served, historically, a very valuable purpose.”