First of all, the Reagan-Stallone image on this post is ironic.

Look, they mean well. Hollywood is a loveable, blue-pilled bunch. However, their politics are in great need of a boost in the direction of open-mindedness. One could almost say affirmative action, but like many things, change needs to be guided by education rather than force. But the point remains that a group in society that arguably has more power than anyone else needs to be representative of the world, which Hollywood isn’t, although it thinks it is.

I’ve always agreed that there has to be a reason why, throughout the history of democratic countries, there tends to be a swinging between conservative and liberal parties that is determined by the political, social and economic climates. Absolute conservatism, apart from being quite unimaginable would be a terrible basis on which to build a society. The same must be said for the sauna of left wing confirmation bias that is the majority of the entertainment business.

When we ask ourselves, if we ask ourselves, why it is that this group of rich and rich-hating folk all align on political issues many of us jump straight to the cliché answer which is that they live in a ‘bubble’. However, couldn’t the same be said about anyone who went to a private school, has been overseas or had the opportunity to be taught how to blow into a flute? They’re all rarities experienced by people in bubbles of sorts, and there’s no political leaning that could align them. Goodness, take blacks in America for example. It’s no secret that the issues in the black communities are largely helped by a bubble effect, whereby the poor and uneducated stay poor and uneducated.

We push on however, because none of this gives any pointers as to why Hollywood align politically.

What unites salespeople, doctors, small business owners and laborers? All of their income is earned per unit work. Where do most of them fall on the political spectrum? Right of center. What unites musicians, writers, actors and reality stars? They’re predominantly left wing and their income is decided by the value put on them by society. Sure, Kanye West earns a cut for every album he sells, but there are ten thousand kids in their bedrooms creating mixtapes like Kanye West, without the pay check. So, who gets to make a career? Well, no one quite knows; it’s always had a mysterious X factor. This is a crucial point in the thought process because it means, for the ones who succeed in Hollywood, that they couldn’t possibly be putting the value on every dollar earned that the guy down the road selling printing supplies does.

This all seems more interesting and relevant than ever, because 2016 has seen a huge uptake in the vocalization of opinions by famous personalities. More on Hollywood politics soon.