As was seen in my prior piece on this subject, fake news is well on the way to becoming a new political code-word for ‘right wing,’ as if the phrase ‘right wing conspiracy’ weren’t enough.

But what is to be done about fake news?

The EU has decided that fake news and hate speech are worthy targets of government attack. As European elites scramble to protect their world, they demand that Facebook, YouTube and more censor content on their sites. The tech giants — no friends to freedom of speech — are giving in to the demands of the would-be Euro-State.

President Obama is also playing the fake news card, as he complained in an interview with Rolling Stone, “people are getting a hundred different visions of the world from a hundred different outlets.”  There was no mention made by anyone of the Rolling Stone role in creating one of the most notorious false news stories in recent memory — the infamous story of a fraternity gang rape at UVa.

As to what exactly constitutes fake news, it’s almost impossible to say. The assumption among MSM appears to be that dissension from their telling of events constitutes being fake. Perhaps many of these journalists appear to be suffering from a false consciousness. They may think they know what’s really going on, but they don’t, because they’ve been duped by the ideology of their class. They use the notion of false news to prop-up their waning status in our society.

Never mind that Hillary lost in an historic election, against one of the most disliked Republican candidates in the party’s history. Never mind that members of the media were revealed to be hacks for the DNC and the Hillary campaign.  What matters to the media is that the people grew deaf to their tune.

Edward Bernays, seen by many as the father of modern propaganda, wrote in his 1928 book Propaganda, “There are invisible rulers who control the destinies of millions.” These are the individuals who decide what is worthy of being called news, what appears on TV, what goes up online, what is printed in a magazine or newspaper. For much of the last century, Americans were limited to a handful of media sources. Local newspapers and magazines, along with those radio stations which broadcasted the news. It was possible for a few to handle the narrative absorbed by many.

Internet has broken this old monopoly. The holders of power under the old system, the network heads, news anchors, editors-in-chief and so on, have slowly lost their grip, and they know it.

Should this trend continue, the media elite will become more shrill as they try to smear every source of news that isn’t themselves. They will try to make it seem as if every news site which is remotely conservative, Republican or even libertarian is the product of the fetid swamp of the alt-right.

The media do not want to help to inform free men, but to produce a class of serfs, upon whom their social ideals may be tried. They have not cared when the freedom of Christians to live out their faith publicly has been attacked — only that no one should make homosexuals feel uncomfortable. When a teen boy in California identifies as a female, the whole order of society must be upended to allow him to use the bathroom he feels comfortable in. Never mind that vile men use such an upending as an opportunity to live out their own sexual perversions. Never mind that women and girls are in danger from these horrible men. What matters is that transsexuals, who are suffering from a mental illness, be allowed to live in their fantasy worlds.

Nothing can be allowed to get in the way of the mainstream media as the primary source of knowledge in today’s society. They are under attack, and they know it. Sites like this one, and dozens of others, serve every day to offer alternative perspectives to the progressive line so often towed by journalist and talking heads.

To truly weed out what is true and false news requires something that many lack: an inquiring and discriminating mind — a mind capable of being both open to another perspective, but also critical of receiving news from a single source. So do not rely upon this site, or its writers alone, for your news. Go out, look at other sources. Arrive at your own conclusions. A free republic can only survive when its citizens are informed and seeking.