You have to be blind and deaf to believe that Russia did not stick its nose in the recent election campaign.  The question is not whether Moscow’s fingerprints are over the election, but why are they there?

The CIA says it was to elect Donald Trump.  The FBI is not prepared to go that far.  Still, Trump responded to reports of the CIA’s assessment in typical Trump fashion.

The fact that the President-Elect is railing against the very people who are going to be keeping him informed on global developments over the next four years is something that should be of concern.  Saying he does not need his intelligence briefings because he is a “smart person” is asking for a major foreign policy crisis.

What the CIA did not say was that Moscow got Trump elected.  Unless Hillary Clinton actually is a robot that was programmed by Moscow to run the most inept campaign in recent memory, Democrats’ cries that Russian involvement landed Trump the White House are absurd.  The Russians did not force Hillary to set up a private server, to skip campaigning in the Rust Belt, but pour millions of dollars into Chicago and New Orleans, or insult large portions of the electorate.  A New York Times report states that a typo resulted in the Clinton camp unlocking John Podesta’s e-mails for the Russians.

Congressional investigations are upcoming in light of the CIA report.  Congress should do its own investigations, but even if the Republican-controlled Congress comes to the same conclusions as the CIA, Donald Trump is still going to be the 45th President of the United States.  Even if the stunt that some electors are trying to pull off succeeds in denying Trump 270 electoral votes, the Republican-controlled House of Representatives will choose the President as prescribed by the 12th Amendment.  Does anyone really think they would vote for someone other than Trump?

Speaking of Democrats, we know that they certainly are less than consistent with their concerns of foreign intervention in elections.  Democratic hero Ted Kennedy tried to orchestrate a quid pro quo with the Soviet Union.  The Soviets would help defeat Ronald Reagan in 1984 and Kennedy would help the Soviets in their meetings with Reagan and get Yuri Andropov a friendly US television interview.

Even more recently, the Obama State Department has been accused of giving taxpayer subsidies to non-profits that worked to defeat Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.  Obama himself stated that if Britain voted to leave the European Union that it would move to the “back of queue”  on future free trade deals with the United States.

It is possible to believe that Trump attacking the CIA was irresponsible and even dangerous.  It also important to note that Trump’s bromance with Vladimir Putin is his most dangerous foreign policy stance.  It is also possible to call out the Democrats for the hypocrites that they are.  It is also worthwhile to remember that many of the same people who now portray Putin as a grave threat to the national security of the United States, were the same people who were mocking Mitt Romney’s “Cold War” mindset.