News broke today that President Obama is making plans to sanction Russia over the cybersecurity breach that brought us the DNC email scandal, in addition to other sensitive information. But the real question is, would he really be considering this action if Russia had successfully hacked the RNC or yielded information that would aid the Democratic cause?

Probably not. But the greater issue here is our naive view of cybersecurity on an international scale. We teach young children that anything they post online can be accessed from any point forward, even if it is deleted. That principle certainly applies to government servers as well. It seems pretty laughable that a principle we find intelligible by children is difficult to understand for the leaders of the free world.

Even more concerning is the way that our own President views the election tampering of his own party, choosing to believe that it’s a much bigger deal to be hacked by Russia than to collude against the wishes of his own party’s members to secure the Democratic Presidential nomination for Hillary Clinton.

I wonder, will Obama find the time to punish Hillary Clinton and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz for their part in interfering with the election? My guess is that it just won’t make his list of “to-dos” before January 20th.

In choosing to punish Russia for hacking an entity like the DNC and then releasing that truthful information to the American people, we’re effectively relying on foreign governments to be on their “best behavior” and just not hack us, instead of taking the necessary precautions to ensure that sensitive information is protected. It may seem old school, but we shouldn’t be putting anything out there that we wouldn’t want the American people (or anyone else) to know. After all, as the Wall Street Journal article linked above shows, apparently the RNC was able to do what the DNC couldn’t in the way of cyber security.

It’s not the job of foreign governments to do the right thing. It’s our job to protect our own information because a day will come when organizations like the Taliban and ISIS who have attacked us on our own soil before with no fear of retaliation will have the resources to do just as much damage using our own cybersecurity weaknesses.

Keep your heads up, Y’all. Only twenty-four days left of this foolishness.