With the aid of Barack Obama, John Kerry, and Samantha Power, the United Nations finally found a solution to the Syrian Civil War, ended North Korea’s nuclear weapons program, came to their moral senses and kicked Saudi Arabia off the human rights council, declared that Jewish apartment buildings in the West Bank, Jews praying at the Western Wall, and Jewish presence in the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem are all illegal (for a TCC rundown of UN Resolution 2334, click here).

Most people cling to the idea of a two-state solution like a bad habit.  The United Nations, likewise, is held up as a great post-war invention where peace and cooperation rule the day.  The truth, as former Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird said, is that the United Nations is nothing more than “a debating club for dictators.”

In the aftermath of UN Resolution 2334, there are some things that need to happen.

The United States currently subsidizes 22% of the UN’s budget.  The United States should cease its contributions to the United Nations and its appendages until the resolution is repealed.  Obama has done the impossible; he has gotten some of us to applaud and support something Lindsey Graham is proposing.

Once taking office, Donald Trump and David Friedman should immediately start the process of relocating the American embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.  This move would not only show Israel that the United States is back, but also the world that the United States will not stab its friends in the back again.

The the UN needs to be kicked out of New York.  After the UN is ejected from the United States, the UN’s New York Headquarters could be turned into an apartment building or hotel.   Here are four suggestions for a new home for the UN.

  • Pyongyang:  The North Korean capital would be a gesture to thank the Kim regime for all their hard work in fighting income inequality.
  • Tehran:  The Iranian capital would show that the UN is serious in its commitment to human rights and fighting terrorism.
  • Nuuk: The capital city of the Greenland would make a great location for the UN to continue its fight against “climate change.”
  • Pretoria: To honor and recognize South African President Jacob Zuma’s fight against corruption.

There also needs to be repercussions for the countries that sponsored the resolution.  Cutting aid to Senegal, Venezuela, and Malaysia would be a great start.  Applying additional sanctions on Venezuela could be an additional route.  As for New Zealand, pulling out of our ANZUS obligations again as far as New Zealand is concerned is a bridge too far, but the incoming administration should look at just how closely we work with New Zealand in the aftermath of their sponsoring of the resolution.

Congress should also defund the $500 million dollars in annual aid to the Palestinian Authority and shutter all PA offices in the United States until the PA stops inciting and funding terrorism.

It would also be nice if the foreign policy establishment could read up on some pre-1967 Israeli history.  If Israel is in fact occupying Palestinian lands, then it would have had to capture them from “Palestine” in 1967.  A brief Google search could tell anyone that Israel retook the Gaza Strip from Egypt and the West Bank from Jordan.  The reason why Egypt and Jordan controlled those territories is because it was they who occupied them in the aftermath of the 1948 Israeli War for Independence.  Those “1967 borders” you here so much about, were actually mere ceasefire lines.  Even if Israel and the PA come to an agreement on territory, proponents of the two-state solution should also inform themselves on the asininity of the “Right of Return,” a Palestinian condition so absurd even Ehud Barak would not accept.

For years it has been the position of the United States government that Israel and the Palestinians should negotiate without outside pressure from institutions such as the United Nations.  Resolution 2334 reversed that precedent.  As a result, Israel should do what they should have done years ago, feed the Oslo Accords into the nearest available paper shredder.  Nobody would insist that Jews living in Nazi Germany negotiate with Hitler for their survival, but the foreign policy establishment and the self-appointed moral betters at the United Nations expect them to negotiate with Holocaust truthers for their survival today.