There’s something in the personality of an artist that politically separates the average celebrity from the guy who mows your lawn. If we presume that celebrities’ careers are mainly in the arts, we can easier hone in on what makes them all liberal (apart from Scott Baio).

Artists naturally have an aptitude for venturing into new places and exploring new ideas. They aren’t afraid to push boundaries or be optimistic. That’s why they became songwriters and actors. They are much more inclined to effect whatever ideology they have into their culture than accept that it’s not a possibility. For example, few of them would doubt the sincerity or effectiveness of Black Lives Matter. A conservative may say that cops shooting black people is bad and should be reduced, but that rates may actually be representative of the number of crimes committed by black people – and that we should read news that offers analysis of crucial facts on the matter. Conservatives would also state that it may be ideal to have zero people shot by police, but it wouldn’t be a realistic target because people commit crimes, and police, who are also human, have to deal with criminals and will indeed make mistakes in doing so.

Artists love to reject the rather false narrative that all Muslims are terrorists – which no one is peddling – but even when presented with facts about how many terrorist attacks are perpetrated by Muslims, they would take the extremely optimistic view that their religious faith has nothing to do with it. Again, conservatives would also rather it had nothing to do with religion, but celebrities don’t seem to like the oppressive nature of identifying unfortunate facts about humanity, do they?

Does the guy who mows your lawn ever make you listen to him sing? Does your dentist’s assistant read poetry to you as you’re put to sleep? It would be great to hear artists and celebrities at least be open to discussing political views from all points on the spectrum. I mean, come on. The worst it could do is provide more joke fodder for Ricky Gervais when he next hosts the Golden Globes.