As we know, actress and feminist activist Lena Dunham’s recent pro-abortion flub proved once again that personal accountability and self-awareness are not parts of the modern feminist tool kit. That is, until public outrage forces them to say and do otherwise.

However you feel about the practice of abortion, recent attempts by celebrity feminists to transform the concept into an empowering act and a symbol of feminist defiance have done nothing but further degrade the pro-choice cause from one of normalization to glamorization. So much so, that one of the most notable faces of the modern feminist movement, Lena Dunham, has gone so far as to trivialize it.

But according to many of the feminists of social justice bastions Twitter and Tumblr, Lena Dunham isn’t one of them. Still, it is telling that one of the most outspoken figures of third wave feminism says that she, too, wishes that she could have had an abortion.

The truth is that while these so-called true feminists may shun her, a number of them support, promote and participate in the same trivialization of abortion. What they originally framed as a quest for the normalization of abortion has become a glorified culture in itself, resulting in the act becoming nothing more than the object of a tragedy fetish.

Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood, a celebrity/feminist favorite fresh off the heels of a hard-hitting Clinton loss, has used its social media presence to join fellow feminists in a chorus of pro-abortion voices condemning the recent election results. The organization has wasted no time shouting from its ivory tower, proclaiming once more the most recognizable battle slogan of the pro-abortion movement: “#wewontgoback.”

Unfortunately, it does not end there. Whatever claims Planned Parenthood may have made regarding their serious and dignified approach to “family planning” went out the window when they began engaging in a number of insensitive and trivial political acts.

From promoting PP-themed s’mores, to celebrating the bullying and harassment of public officials, to mocking fetal burials, Planned Parenthood and its supporters have accomplished one of two things: either they have revealed who they truly are — a movement that was born from a botched perspective of human dignity — or their cause has officially evolved into a comical, militant side-show completely devoid of any sensitivity or human touch.