Kevin O’Leary is popular for his television role on the shows Shark Tank and Dragons’ Den. He is most frank, yet has all the fun stories. His shrewd entrepreneurial skills never disappoint and his demeanor has earned him the nickname “Mr. Wonderful.”

O’Leary appears on BNN, CTV, and other media outlets as a personal finance expert.

When Sharks Bite and Dragons Roar

Off the show, O’Leary and his fellow co-host Mark Cuban were politically at odds. Mark Cuban, who originally supported Trump, backed Clinton. President-elect Donald Trump similarly discontinued his appearance on his reality television show The Apprentice. But some believe his well-known soundbite “you’re fired” helped Trump.

Once Trump won the election, news stations reported on what is perceived as the Trump Effect. Leftists prefer to think of the Trump Effect as an extreme spike in violence and hate. Meanwhile, others are referring to the spike in the stock market, optimism challenging status quo, and openness to conservative thought internationally.

On December 23, O’Leary asked his following their thoughts about entering the Canadian Conservative party leadership race. The possibility that O’Leary might be able to continue as Mr. Wonderful was exciting to the fans, but as an observer, the style of his announcement was fairly disappointing.

“Go to the Back of the Barn”

O’Leary gives his two cents about a novel business especially when he feels it’s necessary to dramatically convey the severity. He calls entrepreneurs “cockroach”, questions the evaluation, and gives a “blood sucking” royalty deal. O’Leary considers every dollar he invests as a soldier that goes to war who must return with another soldier. On set, he’s brutally him. That’s the person his fans love.

First impressions are important.


Dr. Amy Cuddy, Associate Professor at Harvard, discusses research in her book Presence explaining the two traits people seek during first impressions: competence and warmth.

O’Leary’s background speaks for itself. His business background is admirable for the sought position. But his announcement of the exploratory committee for the leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada was disappointing because it attacked his warmth and competence.


Drop the Spatula

O’Leary uses toys throughout the show, but the spatula is forced. First impressions are drastically important. Announcing the exploratory committee with a spatula is inappropriate and forced. When was the last time most of us used a spatula to clean or fix the government? Is he planning to cook Ottawa?

When Trump spoke politically, it was always serious and professional. Liberals originally questioned the seriousness of his candidacy. Perhaps they knew nothing could stop an outsider entering the political arena.

Don’t worry, Mr. Wonderful. Thank goodness you met me. You don’t need to take your nomination to the back of the barn just yet. You could invest in yourself. How? Observe the differences between your announcement video and your Christmas video.

In the first video, the audience needs to concentrate on O’Leary. Everything in the background is noise, as he would call it. The most exciting thing is the spatula.

Contrarily, in the Christmas video, his true self shines. He calls himself Mr. Wonderful, mentions his Chevaliers du Tastevin membership, treats the audience to a story and opens the champagne bottle with a Napoleon saber. This is the real Mr. Wonderful who everyone loves! The entertainer!

Royalty Deal

Conservatives didn’t win the Republican primary. A populist, movie star, billionaire did.trump

Trump’s personality won. The people were tired of politics as usual. When Trump said he was going to punish women who have abortions, only liberals, who weren’t going to vote for him anyway, took him seriously. He played the political and media games better than his competitors.

Mr.Wonderful might make it. He could crush the competition like cockroaches. But don’t hide your personality; otherwise, you might not go to bed richer than the day before.