Most of the country has seen the video of a young special-needs white man being tortured after he was kidnapped by four black teenagers. The four thugs tied up and tortured the man while screaming, “F*** white people!” and “F*** Donald Trump!”

President Obama responded to this heinous act by claiming that race relations are not worsening but instead specific incidents are magnified by the digital age and social media.

While President Obama is correct in saying that social media plays a part in the intensification of these incidents, he is incorrect in saying that race relations are improving.

The four teens responsible for this crime showcased it on Facebook live. This shows that they assumed their friends would not only enjoy but would approve of their acts. The sad truth is, they might be correct in that assumption.

We have the Black Lives Matter group calling for the “lynching of white people,” and members tweeting, “kill all white people.” This is not a group focused on bettering the lives of blacks in America but instead BLM is a pure hate group that promotes violence.

We not only have groups like BLM spewing hateful and racist rhetoric, but this kind of language is prevalent on college campuses as well.

Just last month a Drexel University professor tweeted, “All I want for Christmas is white genocide.”

That professor did not lose his job.

With schools offering courses like White Privilege Seminars, students are being taught to “acknowledge their privilege” and whites are presented as “inherently racist.” This does nothing but worsen race relations in this country.

At a time when the country needs so desperately to come together we have politicians, groups like BLM, and liberal college professors and administrators furthering the division.

Over the past eight years we have seen the administration thrive on this division. There have been multiple riots, police targeted shootings, and now a despicable kidnapping and torture of an innocent mentally disabled man.

It shouldn’t take this Chicago BLM Kidnapping incident for people to see that race relations are not improving in our country. We need to get rid of hate groups like Black Lives Matter and remove professors and curriculum that promote the division.

Black or white it doesn’t make a difference, we are Americans first and all lives matter.