A group of 4 young Chicago black teenagers allegedly kidnapped a mentally disabled white man, tied him up, and tortured him for two days.  We know they tortured him because, as members of “Generation Me,” they live streamed the torture on Facebook.

Police spokesman Anthony Gulgliemi stated that the video is “reprehensible.” And that’s true, but that’s just a start. What should shock us more is not the abuse, but the target of it.  The abuse of a Trump defender who has full command of their faculties is evil enough. But to torment a man who may not posses the mind to understand what is happening? That is akin to torturing a child.

The video opens with one of the young people take a knife, and cutting a piece of flesh and hair off of the head of a young white man, who is bound with tape around his wrists and his mouth. We see the face of a young black woman, 18-year-old Brittany Covington (presumably the one responsible for the live stream), complaining that her sister doesn’t think the live stream is “funny.” We are then treated to several minutes of confused chatter among the black youth. They also repeatedly make vile comments such as “f*ck Donald Trump.”

Later on the video, they use the young man’s head wound as an ash tray. He is also forced to drink toilet water. Such abuse of another person comes as little shock to someone who watches ISIS execution videos.

Already police and media are downplaying the awfulness of this crime. Instead of roundly condemning this, Chicago Police Commander Kevin Duffin claimed that “They’re young adults and they make stupid decisions.”

No. That will not pass, Commander Duffin. Youthful stupidity is shooting fireworks at your siblings, or gluing coins to the concrete and waiting for people to pick them up. What these young people did is objectively evil.

CNN was next to show us a lack of spine where human actions are concerned. When Daily Caller writer Matt Lewis held that this video is “Man’s inhumanity to man,” and that “it’s evil.” Don Lemon of CNN argued against Lewis, saying that he did not think it was evil. Lemon instead said these young people have had, “bad home training.”

This typical tactic, blaming a person’s environment rather than them personally, is used by the Left whenever Muslims, blacks, or other minorities commit what most would call evil deeds. It only changes when the perpetrator is white, such as when Dylann Roof shot up a black church. Then, rather than blaming Roof’s upbringing, it’s the fault of all whites.

This shameful and evil deed is not just the result of a bad family background. A person’s upbringing has a powerful role in shaping someone, but in the end we each choose what sort of person we will be. By acting bravely, or honestly, or even humbly, we become brave, honest, and humble. But by acting like brutes, we become brutes.

Let us hope that these young black men and women pay the price for their crimes. It is in facing up to the consequences of our actions that we truly show who we are. Whether they will repent of what they’ve done remains to be seen. And perhaps, if they have some corner of humanity left, they will find ways to redeem themselves.