We have officially entered the awards show season. I have had a “no-awards shows” policy in my life for the last few years. I’ll usually read the list of winners, look at who wore what, etc., but I just can’t stand watching a bunch of white liberals self-congratulate themselves for three hours. I have things to do.

However, it does appear in reading recap articles of this year’s Golden Globes that I missed the greatest speech since Martin Luther King’s ‘I Have A Dream’ speech. In her acceptance speech for a Lifetime Achievement Award, Meryl Streep was brave enough to articulate Hollywood’s political status quo – in front of Hollywood. She ought to win another award!

In case, like me, you don’t watch awards shows, here’s what we missed: Ms. Streep “criticized President-elect Trump — without mentioning his name — for his behavior on the campaign trail and called on the press to hold him accountable.” On top of that, she had some condescending words for football and mixed martial arts’ fans. There’s much more to unpack than we’ve got time for, but Mollie Hemingway at The Federalist has a great piece that does just that.

Now that Donald Trump’s inauguration is upon us, the groaning and grandstanding will increase exponentially. And what better opportunity is there than award show season? It is literally a gathering of people who are celebrating the fact that it seems we care what they have to say. On an artistic level, I think that good film and television should be recognized. I do not, however, need a political lecture on top of all that. So I don’t watch.

For those of us on the right who are constantly outraged at such statements, I believe apathy is the solution. We all know they’re hypocrites so why do we continue to dignify their idiocy?

There is a certain cultural value to their craft, and, of course, they have the right to state their political opinion. But both of those statements can remain true without my having to care.