Liberal extremists have hatched another plot to further polarize Americans — this time they’re using social media site Twitter under the account ‘Sleeping Giants’ and The New York Times to encourage liberal businesses to discontinue  “ad buys” with center right media powerhouse Breitbart News.

By converting businesses into political messengers liberal extremists are creating further division in American society.  The primary function of business, aside from generating profit, is to bring people together regardless of ideology.  Business is — or should be — society’s great equalizer.  Since business owners have a financial incentive to accept business from all people, businesses facilitate fair exchanges between people of any and all backgrounds.  Business teaches us that we can be tribal and lose sales or be tolerant and prosper.

Liberal extremists opt to be tribal.  They want to decrease the high levels of tolerance business naturally creates by signaling to other liberals that it’s okay for businesses — as long as they’re liberal — to deny service based on political affiliation.  This creates tribalism within businesses that wouldn’t normally develop and ruins a business’ capacity to foster unity among all citizens.  Ultimately the fear is that more liberal businesses will discriminate against conservatives.

The most sensible action to counter this practice is to pass legislation prohibiting non-political businesses, ones not expressly involved in political discourse like news sites, magazines, think-tanks, etc. from making explicitly political statements through action or speech.  While most conservatives are rightfully against government involvement in civil matters, the case may be that only the government is capable of protecting citizens from the violent political animosities that are now being stirred and implanted in people through left-wing business practices.  

Whatever other actions taken appear unlikely to succeed and are reactionary.  Liberal businesses — including Google, Apple, Facebook, and Twitter — aren’t likely to ever be taken down.  Nor should anyone try.  Businesses, even liberal ones, help create tolerance and understanding, both of which are conservative virtues.  However, when businesses speak out in public to discriminate against an ideology, corrections need to be made.  And that’d be fair — it’s not like we’re asking anyone to bake a cake.