Our media masters have taken to lying in a blatant fashion to discredit Trump before he takes office.

Buzzfeed, that abode of bottom-feeders, has published a vile report which claims that Donald Trump has been influenced and supported by Russia. It goes on to claim that video evidence of Donald Trump engaging in perverse sexual practices with prostitutes is in the hands of the Russian intelligence services.

The Buzzfeed article states in its’ opening paragraph that, “The allegations are unverified, and the report contains errors.” This is an understatement. This story is turning out to be so bad that even some mainstream news sources are hammering Buzzfeed for spreading it.

Editor-in-Chief of Buzzfeed, Ben Smith, was hammered by MSNBC host Chuck Todd, for spreading fake news. Smith responded by saying he thinks this is a story of, “I think this was a real story, about a real document.’ Are we to rely upon Mr. Smith for what qualifies as a real story and what doesn’t? The dossier has been given credence by no one thus far. Vice President Joe Biden said that he and President Obama had been briefed on the dossier as more of an afterthought during a meeting regarding Russian influence in the election. The President did not bother asking U.S. intelligence agencies to verify the allegations in the dossier, allegedly saying, “What does this have anything to do with anything?”

The Guardian recounts Smith as saying that, “We are now in an era when you have to engage in false statements. It’s an environment where you no longer have the luxury and where the legacy media has at times turned away from saying there’s all the crazy stuff on the internet and said we’re not going to touch it, we’re going to stay out of it, we’re just going to let it spread. I think this is a place where sunlight is a disinfectant.” Really, Mr. Smith? You have to? Why, is someone pointing a gun to your head and making you spread a false report? Are not journalists like you supposed to be the bold speakers of truth to power?

So untrue is this story that Piers Morgan, Lefty British Git-in-Chief, has come out repudiating the story of bullsh*t. Morgan writes that Trump is a germaphobe, and says that he has seen Trump decline to shake hands with people for that exact reason.

That this report was released to damage Trump seems to be beyond question. If there were hard evidence of its’ truth, we would no doubt have been shown it. This document was released to try to harm Trump, before he even takes office.

Exposing a public figure to ridicule, using baseless allegations, at a time of increasing peril for our nation, should give us pause to consider what kind of people run the media. In a world where this kind of thing is considered newsworthy, what on earth will they think of next? Pelosi getting a sex-change? Michelle Obama secretly a man? Rick Perry a concealed Black Panther? How about Trump is really a shapeshifting lizard from an alternate dimensions?

Buzzfeed may have set out to ridicule Trump, but they’ll be the ones egged in the public square.