A recent study conducted by the Journal of Public Economics has settled an age-old debate.  It proved once and for all that, yes, conservatives are more attractive than liberals.

This study focused on the attractiveness of political figures as tied to their political stance.  Politicians on the right side of the aisle were found to be considered “more attractive” in America, Australia, and Europe.  It also suggested that politicians on the right more strongly benefited from physical attractiveness in elections.

Unfortunately, this study feeds into the stereotype that conservatives–especially conservative women–can’t be attractive and smart.  It also gives liberals a new reason to declare that the GOP is dishonest and “oppressive.”

The age-old idea that conventionally attractive women aren’t intelligent is, frankly, just wrong.  A woman’s physical appearance doesn’t affect her ability to achieve a single thing.  Similarly, caring about her appearance doesn’t make her somehow oppressed.  Despite this reality, women are frequently still valued for being pretty rather than intelligent.  Yale-educated scientist Eileen Pollack commented on this, saying that “For women, even if she’s nerdy enough to be Steve Jobs, she’s undateable.”

Even though I stand on the “pretty” side of the aisle, I want to be recognized for my capabilities and intelligence–not my body.  It’s a serious issue if we’re evaluating any of our leaders, but especially our female congresswomen, scientists, and businessmen, for their beauty rather than their abilities.  Because, as nice as it is to see Paul Ryan on C-SPAN (he sure is good looking), most conservatives support him for his politics–not his muscles.

However, the GOP isn’t the group that typically reduces public figures to looks: rather, it’s the liberal media that does.  Conservatives aren’t writing about how Kim Kardashian is, like, “totally hot.”  We’re the ones marching to protect life and discussing actual issues.  And if Buzzfeed is all about equality and feminism, why is there an article listing lawmakers who “could get it”?  Isn’t that a little objectifying?

I see this as an issue of sexism in the media.  Politics, after all, isn’t a beauty pageant, and my policy views are not at all correlated with whether society sees me as beautiful or not.

Thankfully, conservative women are so much more than just beautiful.  We have women like Tomi Lahren, the youngest political talk show host ever, who at 23 grew her own platform. Women like KellyAnne Conway, the first woman who ran a successful presidential campaign. Women like Ivanka Trump, who built a brand for herself, with her own money, that catered to empowering women.

The study does account for this by reporting that its results demonstrated a correlation between politics and physical attractiveness, rather than causation.  So at least we know we’re conservatives because we can think for ourselves.

Conservatives just happen to be beautiful and smart.