Women in politics amaze me. For the 19th Amendment having been ratified in 1920 and having the right to vote less than 100 years, seeing so many women in public positions inspires me. But one woman in particular, Wendy Long, allowed me to intern with her as she graced the campaign trail in New York, attempting to beat the incumbent Senator, Chuck Schumer. Long, a Reagan Republican, with degrees from Dartmouth and Harvard respectively, has dedicated her life to serving America, through both law and politics.

Throughout the summer and autumn seasons, I learned incredible things through the Long campaign. I learned resilience and dedication, as Long challenged Senator Gillibrand for the ticket in 2012, and ran again in 2016. Long effectively brushed the dirt off her power-suit and pushed forward, aiming to push her beliefs, ideas, and the Republican/Conservative agenda in Washington.

I learned the impact of women in politics. As Wendy Long is a mother, she understands and knows the value of life and the gift of children, pushing her to be a pro-life political figure. As Long challenged the pro-life Senator Gillibrand, she was endorsed by various pro-life groups such as The Susan B. Anthony List. Long has been a longtime voice for the voiceless, formerly doing work with Americans United For Life. She, as a champion for women, proves that women don’t need governmental intervention to succeed.

As I stood by her side as she captured the room she was speaking to, I could only stare in awe and nod along. She speaks of the ways she has seen big government corrupt, from the school system to healthcare. She champions for religious freedom, particularly with Roe v. Wade, explaining that there is no war on women’s health services, but rather a war on the religious rights of those who oppose abortion and affiliated services. Long elaborates: “If federal government is willing to take on an institution the size of the American Catholic Church, it can also run rough-shod over other smaller Christian denominations or for that matter Jewish, Muslim or other faiths that have come to our nation in pursuit of happiness and the free practice of their faith.”

I learned the definition of what a strong woman is thanks to women like Wendy Long, a true feminist in the actual definition of what feminism is meant to be, a Harvard educated woman who wants to make New York a better, safer, place. From her relentless activism for life to her ability to stand back up after falling, I believe women like herself will be the saving grace for the Republican Party.