It’s official. As of 12:00 PM on Friday, January 20th, Donald J. Trump became the President of the United States. During his campaign, he faced a large opposition movement known as #NeverTrump, and many people from all political affiliations still oppose the ideas of Trump’s administration.

Still #NeverTrump? Here’s what you can do to make these next four years better for you and the ideas you represent, political affiliation aside:

1. Donate to Organizations You Support, but the Trump Administration Does Not

Some people may be concerned about federal funding being cut from things, ideas, or organizations you support.  Causes such as Planned Parenthood, arts programs, or the prevention of violence against women may all lose funding under Trump’s leadership.

Although federal funding may no longer be provided, donations can be an incredibly useful resource for these organizations.  Organizations such as will locate a pro-life women’s healthcare clinic for you if you’re ethically opposed to Planned Parenthood.  You can also donate to any of the domestic violence resources listed here, and you can donate directly to the National Endowment for The Arts.

2. Contact Your Representatives in Congress

Your representatives work for you. Contact your local elected officials and vocalize what you, as a constituent, are concerned about.  Make sure they represent your values, ideas, and intentions.  Through this website, you can locate these officials and find the means to contact them.  You choose your officials, choose wisely.  For those concerned about LGBTQ rights, you may also propose enhancing your state’s non-discrimination laws, a choice already adopted by 22 states.

3. Discuss Ideas, and Be Open to New Ones

Because unity at this point is so important, talk to people with different views.  Ask a Hillary supporter what about Secretary Clinton appealed to them.  Ask a Trump supporter what they hope our new President will achieve.  Ask an immigrant why they chose America, and what they love most about it.  Intellectual discourse fosters the growth of new ideas and strengthens old opinions, and you can always learn something new.

4. Donate Your Time: Volunteer.

Ideas only have an impact if people work to achieve them, and you can volunteer to impact a wide range of issues.  One example is that of at-risk youth.  Whether you are pro-life or an abortion rights proponent, the life of any child who may be affected by gangs, drugs, or violence, should be valued.  According to the American Psychological Association, a supportive environment and community relations can make all difference in a child’s life.  Donating your time to community centers or youth programs can make a direct difference in at-risk children’s lives.

* * *

There are options to make the America you live in better, regardless of who is President.  Unity, charity, and helping others are the kinds of things that will truly make America great, not just tax-cuts or federal policy. Let’s make America Great Again, through being kind and loving others.