UC Berkeley students have been instructed to shelter-in-place after an event hosting right-wing personality Milo Yiannopoulos was canceled amid wild violence. Reports say that protestors donning masks arrived at the event area and began rioting, lighting fires, toppling light posts, throwing Roman candles, and even beating people with Antifa flags. Videos can be seen in the links below.

Clearly these rioters were able to use the Internet to find out about Milo’s event, so they damn well should be able to use the Internet to check their own hypocrisy:

1) Some liberals like to align all Trump voters with the KKK, but these rioters themselves hide behind masks to destroy property and inflict fear upon those that disagree with them.

2) Liberals accuse Trump of inciting violence with his language, but these rioters react to an event by engaging in actual violence, damaging their own campus. 

3) These rioters brand Antifa flags, representing the opposition to all things fascist, without taking a hot second to think about what fascism actually is. Fascism is authoritarianism, a system of government that historically has cracked down on free speech and attacked those who disagree. Hitler, Mussolini, and Stalin: what do they all have in common? Besides being evil individuals, they were fascists who censored their own people and media to promote a narrative. Milo, as wild, abrasive, and intolerant some may think of him, fights for free speech. I would rather live in a world where individuals can legally say nasty things and be called out for it as opposed to a world where the government dictates what I’m allowed to say publicly.

Don’t tell me “Love Trumps Hate” anymore if you’re not going to walk the talk. If you disagree with a politician or his/her policies, utilize the avenues available to you in this free country. Why riot when you can volunteer for campaigns, donate to organizations, and pursue a peaceful resistance? The riots at UC Berkeley tonight hosted individuals that are walking contradictions.