Tom Lahren is known best for her fiery “Final Thoughts” segment on The Blaze. She recently appeared on Trevor Noah’s The Daily Show in a move that was controversial for host and guest alike. The Atlantic heralded Noah for his professional composure as he navigated controversial topics like Black Lives Matter and Colin Kaepernick. Vanity Fair, on the other hand, criticized him for “validating her [dangerous] views.” Ms. Lahren has since been labeled as a bigot, racist, and a white supremacist, but she has also been celebrated as a “conservative force to be reckoned with.”

And that is exactly the problem.

When Megyn Kelly announced her decision to leave Fox News, Tomi Lahren’s name began to circulate amongst the pool of potential replacements. But she had gone after Ms. Kelly not too long before, remarking on how much respect she had lost for the anchor. She accused Ms. Kelly of “placating to the left” and “alienating” Trump supporters. So when Tomi Lahren declared herself “too controversial for Fox News,” perhaps she was right.

A position on Fox News and a knack for criticism are not mutually exclusive. Megyn Kelly did not draw in millions by pandering to the Republican Party. The fact that she refused to do this, and often pushed back against the very actions that Ms. Lahren unabashedly champions, is precisely the reason that she was able to make the transition to NBC. She embodies the essence of journalism: questioning conservatives, liberals, and independents not because of their political identities but in spite of them.

Tomi Lahren lacks this inspiration. To be fair, she has carved out her own niche ruffling the feathers of liberals. She defends the principles of conservatism with a do-or-die attitude. But her aura is unprofessional. A calmer demeanor and a more thoughtful tone would serve Ms. Lahren well. There is no doubt that both women are ferocious, tenacious, and bold. But it’s the poise and confidence of Megyn Kelly that make her respected and famous instead of lamented and infamous.