Executive Order
Contrary to what my Facebook Feed shows me, it seems Americans do approve of President Trump’s recent Executive Orders. A new poll by Politico shows 55 percent of Americans support Trump’s travel ban. Who would have guessed that Americans do not like the idea of not letting potential terrorists into our country – temporarily?

Though the most popular, Trump’s travel ban was only one of many Executive Orders. Here’s a list of some of the 22 total Orders:

Start building the wall: 48 percent approve, 42 percent disapprove.
Re-instating the Mexico City policy: 47 percent approve, 42 percent disapprove.
Approving the Keystone Pipeline: 48 percent approve, 37 percent disapprove.
End funding to sanctuary cities: 55 percent approve, 33 percent disapprove.
Approving the Dakota Access Pipeline: 46 percent approve, 39 percent disapprove.
Scaling back Obamacare: 49 percent approve, 41 percent disapprove.
Pause on issuing new regulations: 54 percent approve, 33 percent disapprove.
Withdrawing from the Trans-Pacific Partnership: 47 percent approve, 33 percent disapprove.
Pause on federal government hiring: 48 percent approve, 39 percent disapprove.

The good news: All of these have higher approval ratings than disapproval.

The bad news: Consistently high disapproval ratings throughout.

The disapproval can be because of people who, for the next for years, will complain about everything and anything Trump will do. As we saw in the street riots of many major cities over the past few months, that’s quite a bit of people.

Along with these, Trump has issued executive orders protecting LGBTQ rights as established by former President Obama. Not surprisingly, this order has a 77 percent approval rating. The highest by a very wide margin.

Americans also like Trump’s Supreme Court nominee. 43 percent want Judge Neil Gorsuch confirmed to the Supreme Court, while 25 percent did not and 32 percent had no opinion. Not a bad start for someone who is still being rioted against nearly 100 days after election.

While Trump’s Executive Orders seem to be doing well, his ratings as president are not. The new President has a 47 percent approval and 46 percent disapproval. The troubling part is that only 26 percentof people strongly approve compared to the 35 percent of people of strongly disapprove. Favorability has been an uphill battle since his initial candidacy. It’s fair to assume that it will be so for the duration of his presidency.