Donald Trump is no stranger to controversy. From sexual misconduct allegations to claims of unethical business ties, the media has left no stone unturned. However, the executive order banning immigration from seven countries has ruffled feathers in an unprecedented way. I appreciate Trump’s adherence to his campaign promises; his turnaround time is remarkable. But this EO has already done more harm than good to the reputation of his administration, and the aggressive resistance he faces from the general public is not worth the marginal approval gain from his supporters.

And here’s why.

Put simply, it was sloppy. For every clarification Sean Spicer had to make, the administration lost the confidence of the American people. U.S permanent residents (green-card holders) were detained unlawfully during the first 24 hours, simply because the White House did not clarify who was affected by the ban. Furthermore, once President Trump became aware of this problem, he did not move to fix it. Instead, he had White House Counsel Don McGahn sign a memorandum—comforting, but lacking any ability to override an executive order.

This is all unnecessary and confusing, but relatively frivolous. What is not superficial is Donald Trump’s brazen attack on the American judicial system. George W. Bush appointed U.S. District Judge James L. Robart—he is no less qualified to issue opinions than any other federal judge in this country. It is understandable to disagree with his decision to halt enforcement of the ban, just as it is understandable to support the premise behind the executive order. But Donald Trump is shooting himself in the foot by assaulting the judicial branch of government. He is giving ammo to those who deem him “unfit” to be President and hindering those who are trying to defend him.

At the very least, the administration should have waited for the Senate confirmation votes to conclude. How can you craft immigration policy without an acting Secretary of State? Rumors have it that Defense Secretary Mattis and Homeland Security Secretary Kelly were unaware of the directive until it was signed. If true, perhaps President Trump deserves the blowback he’s garnering from this order. The cabinet is in place to provide wholesome advice and provide for the security and wellbeing of this country—if Donald Trump can’t see that, we’re in for a wild four years.