Something I have learned about over the past year is the permanent emotional state among members of the political left: pessimism.  In my experience, a liberal will be able to rattle off all the horrendous things happening in the world (or at least what they believe to be terrible), as opposed to the positive things. And more often than not, for some reason, a liberal will take a not-so-bad situation to the extreme. Talk about negative.

Take, for example, a Donald Trump presidency. What I observed during a course I took in the fall was that those three words essentially meant the end of all morals… or the world.

What’s the worst that can happen with Trump as President? As told by the left: 

Non-profits that do good work (such as ones that help victims of domestic violence) are going to disappear. Also, there will be a rise in “discriminatory amendments” disguised as religious freedom bills.  There will be absolutely no female representation in Trump’s administration (which is now provably false and laughable). Society will suddenly accept rape and sexual assault, and something about queer people of color, conversion therapy, domestic violence, and protected classes.

There are concerns for other things as well, which may be good or bad depending on where you stand politically. These include the repeal of Roe v. Wade and more wide-spread implementation of laws similar to North Carolina’s House Bill 2, passed by former Governor Pat McCrory.

Here’s the picture to prove it:


So don’t let anyone or any real actions tell you otherwise.  Frankly, facts no longer exist when you don’t get your way.

Just How Off-Base Are They?

I could go on for hours about the thoughts and counter-arguments that popped into my head as I sat in the back of the classroom and watched a student… angrily… write each of these judgmental, grossly inaccurate, and over-dramatic points on the board.

But I can’t help but say this: in what world would a decent human being, regardless of political beliefs, want to shut down a non-profit that provides counseling support (etc.) to those who have been victims of domestic violence? What decent human being would accept rape or sexual assault as a normal and non-punishable offense?

And please, tell me why a Republican controlled House, Senate and Oval office will make domestic violence suddenly okay? Maybe y’all should take a look at California’s Proposition 57, please and thank you.

From this obviously liberal course, to watching as students escorted themselves out of a classroom to cry following Hillary Clinton’s concession speech, I came to understand the difficulty liberals face finding the good in every tough or bad situation.

I would think it’s easier to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. After all, It’s more productive and emotionally relieving to think rationally and logically about a given scenario. But I guess it’s easier for the left to justify an unfavorable outcome by blaming society as racist and misogynistic. Labels which, mind you, solely reinforce the overall negative outlook on life that leftists happily (but probably subconsciously) maintain.