I am incredibly pro-life. But I do not say pro-life with abortion in mind at all. I think about people who are victims to poor circumstances that are not in their control to change. To me, being pro-life is so much more than being pro-birth. It means advocating for victims of abuse, those with special needs, and other marginalized people. The quality of life many people have is not the quality others have. You’ve likely seen the homeless people on the streets of Manhattan and the large McMansions that people are fortunate enough to afford. Why don’t we use our movement to help defend and improve the lives of homeless people, veterans, and the sick? That’s something we as pro-lifers should begin doing.

But how? Here’s a few ideas to get you started.


Charity Packs For The Homeless:


Gather nut-free granola bars, beef jerky and ready to eat items. Get some socks, tissues, feminine hygiene supplies, baby wipes, ibuprofen, bandaids, and anything else you think would be necessary. By providing these items, you can directly improve the quality of life for another person, like helping a person to keep their feet warm in a harsh winter! This blog post details other important items to add to these packages!


Volunteering at a Veterans Center:


Through your state government, for example, New York, you can find volunteer opportunities to work with America’s finest. Some of these individuals have no family left but by speaking to them about their experiences and lives, you can brighten their whole week. You can also form a relationship that you will grow to appreciate as much as they will. These individuals are people too, and sometime a weekly conversation over lunch can make all the difference.


Volunteer with Sick Children:


Not only can you volunteer at a hospital, but you can volunteer at camps like Camp Sunshine, a camp designed for children with life-threatening. Not only can this be a rewarding experience, but you are helping to bring happiness to these children when their lives are consumed by their illness. If camp isn’t your speed, you could also volunteer at the Lupus Foundation of America or the Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund events, like The Walk to Cure Diabetes.


We can continue to protect the life of the unborn. But there are many opportunities for us to help the lives of those outside the womb as well. We as pro-lifers need to make forward progress and prove to the world that we know that all lives matter and that we truly live by those principles.