The United States welcomes the art of disagreement, debate, and opinionated thinking. Our founding fathers disagreed during the Revolution and debated during the drafting of the Constitution, and their descendants have been opinionated ever since then.

But when debates become less about listening and more about talking, that is when the art form dies.

Ever since the election and inauguration of Donald J. Trump, the nation has been more divided than ever. Our communication with those with different opinions has been corrupted. When the left cries “bigotry” at every opinion not in line with theirs, that is where the divide is.

Defined by Merriam-Webster Dictionary, a bigot is “a person who is intolerably devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices….” The ironic correlation between this definition and liberal behavior as of late is almost humorous.

The “Resist” campaigns show nothing but intolerance and an inability to participate in an election and its results. This “bigotry” includes the damage dealt to both private businesses and city infrastructure in downtown Washington, D.C. These riots were staged because the rioters’ favored presidential candidate lost the election to President Donald Trump.

The more radical left’s bigotry also extends beyond politics. The intolerance forms in small cracks of society, and grows with increasingly hypocritical behavior. Liberals claim that they fight for the respect, acknowledgement, and empowerment of minority groups, and that is great. Minorities, immigrants, and all orientations are what define this country and separate it from the rest.

When the left silences certain groups in order to promote others, intolerance is born, and healthy communication slowly dies. Double standards in media, as shown in both the infamous MTV video titled “Resolutions for White Guys” and the new Netflix series titled “Dear White People,” offer no way for a variety of individuals to connect.

So when a professor or colleague mentions that being a conservative means intolerance, remember that an overwhelming majority of conservatives are not intolerant. It is the radical left’s actions that leave Americans questioning the bigotry in our nation. Destruction of property, burning our flag, and slandering our president: who exactly are the bigots again?