Millennial’s are schooled that the American Dream and freedom measure hypotheticals that don’t exist within reality. In fashionable academia, the United States is the greatest sponsor of evil on earth. The control intentions of America destroy nations and leave millions impoverished. We have a tendency to a generalize a nation that has in bondage kinsmen, taken land, and propagated institutional racism. Women’s rights at the hands of restrictive civil rights violations, and so we are the greatest hindrance to progress ever to exist. But are these accusation true?

Peter Berkowitz with the Hoover Institution at Stanford explains how faculties indoctrinate students. However, it doesn’t take a Stanford establishment to prove that students are misled on a daily basis. All you have to do is take a social science’s class at any California college. One common required reading is Howard Zinn’s A People’s History Of The United States, which shows each atrocity of America and makes no attempt to tell the truth. The book refuses to acknowledge the best achievements of America and shows it as a menace to the planet. In Dinesh D’Souza’s latest film “America, Imagine the World Without Her” this book is picked apart. The claims by Zinn are compared to the experiences of real American’s, who throw a wrench into his false narrative.

Living in a world of fake news and alternative facts, Dinesh goes the additional mile to satisfy critics. He met with the leaders and supporters of Zinn’s narrative, taking it upon himself to hear the viewpoints of those who feel like America has stolen their rights and land. The movie puts the truth into perspective as he discusses the history of America, without disregarding its flaws. Ultimately, his movie shows that the American Dream and the entrepreneurial spirit is what brought the greatest success to our country. He shows the uniquely American idea of freedom, and counters each of the claims made by the left.

So with all these examples proving freedoms importance and de-legitimizing the claims of an evil America, why haven’t colleges changed? According to the Hoover Institution, nationwide analytical reports by Stanley Rothman in 1999, and Neil Gross and Solon Simmons in 2007, show that universities’ leftward tilt have become severe. In addition to this, a 2005 study by Daniel Klein and Andrew Western in Academic Questions (a NAS publication) revealed the same trend in California. One example used showed that Democrats outnumbered Republicans four to one on faculties at the University of California, Berkeley, and professional schools. For the social sciences the ratio was approximately 21 to one.

Undeniably, the issue of freedom and truth on campus isn’t new, but rather an evolving challenge. It’s up to individual students to cut through the constant bias in the classroom and see the truth for what it is. Without exposure to alternative viewpoints, and the historical truth, students will grow up believing America is an evil hell hole. Conservatives on campus need to fight an ideological educational war, and it can only be won by convincing the left to be open. If truth is such a significant part of progressivism, why is it constantly shot down?