Milo Yiannopoulos was recently invited to speak at CPAC.  Then some distrubing videos came to light and within 24 hours CPAC rescinded their invitation.  Good. CPAC does not need to be the place sexual relationships between adults and 13 year olds are defended.

It is sad that CPAC even considered inviting Milo in the first place.  The first “C” in CPAC stands for “conservative,” something he does not even accept as an accurate description of himself.  His history of anti-Semitism should have disqualified him even before the pedophilia videos surfaced (hopefully he gets help on that front).

CPAC is the Conservative Political Action Conference, not the Trigger the Campus Left Political Action Conference.  Triggering a campus leftist is not exactly the most difficult thing to do.  You do not need to be a provocateur if somebody is offended by basic spelling.  Milo is hardly the only person to have encountered people on campus who wish to shut up the opposition.  Just because Milo’s presence on campuses across the country brings out rioters, does not mean that he should be given a platform at CPAC.

If CPAC wanted to have an event on the situation on America’s college campuses, TCC was more than willing to step up to the plate.  Ask any conservative college student in the country and they probably have multiple stories of what it is like being a conservative on campus.  Some of us write for websites such as this to push back on the institutionalized left-wing culture of such campuses.  The range of political thought on your typical college campus seems to be anywhere from liberal Democrat to Bolshevik.

We are the one minority on campus they seek to ostracize.  We battle with certain professors who think good is evil and evil is good and with certain classmates who have lived in a progressive bubble their entire life.  If CPAC wanted to know what its like on campus in 2017, they could very easily have reached out to those of us who live this every day, but without the baggage of Jew-hatred or without advocating cross-generation sex with 13 year olds.

Milo’s shtick relies on people being “triggered.”  This allows him to go off on those who wish to shut him up.  If his left-wing opponents would ignore him his entire premise would collapse, but they cannot because they believe they are the equivalent of some brave member of the French Resistance fighting a resurgence of fascism.  He, therefore, acts as a magnet for people who feel that the “Tolerance Brigade” are among the most intolerant.  They do not necessarily care about the advancement of conservative principles.

In the name of fighting political correctness Milo has done what the left has done on things such as civil rights and women’s rights: take a real and genuine problem, but instead of fixing the problem, has swung the pendulum so far in the other direction that he has replaced being politically incorrect with simply being nasty and vile.

Ranting about the Jews may be politically incorrect in the sense that has been taboo since 1945, but it is not virtuous and it certainly does not make you a hero. Quite the opposite; it makes you look like the lowlife that you are.  The entire point of being politically incorrect should be to insert truth into the conversation, even when unpopular.  It is not to say things simply for shock value.  As conservatives we will always be swimming upstream, especially on campus. We do not need to make our task harder by associating ourselves with the likes of Milo.