Political belief systems based on the superiority of one person over another are based on falsehoods, hatred, and lies. Such falsehoods have been championed through hate groups such as the Ku Klux Klan and the Black Panther party.  

Now, they are also championed by the alt-right.  As Richard Spencer walked into CPAC on Thursday, he brought this false, un-American narrative with him.

It was made clear in a panel on the state of conservatism at CPAC 2017 that fascism, racism, and hatred are not at all welcome at CPAC. Sabrina Schaeffer of the Independent Women’s Forum spoke on the importance of identity.  By praising being different in her speech Thursday morning, she promoted diversity in the conservative movement. Dan Schneider discussed how the alt-right movement is full of fascists, and is not a true part of the conservative movement or Republican party.

There is a major lack of understanding on what the alt-right and its members, including people like Richard Spencer of the National Policy Institute (a hate group), stand for. Some American nationalists, such as Vine star and Twitter advocate Mike Ma, refer to themselves as “alt-right” while not aligning themselves with the hatred and propaganda.  These individuals look more into the memes and culture spawned by the movement.

However, those people are not representative of the entire community that refers to itself as the alt-right.  The extreme alt-right is a self-avowed hate group that promotes Nazi icons and other supremacist group symbols.  This faction also believes in white supremacy over all other races. In short, it’s a white nationalist movement hiding under the guise of conservatism. Sound familiar?

We cannot accept this radical racist position.  By housing Richard Spencer and his affiliated cronies within conservatism, we condone his behavior as acceptable.  Not only that, but we allow it to continue while giving him a platform as well.

Not only must we all disavow the alt-right, we must continue to express disgust and make them feel unwelcome. Conservatives need to expel such hatred from their movement, just like how Richard Spencer was forcibly removed from CPAC by security.

We need to disavow hatred. We are a party that prides ourselves on diversity of thought, not just skin.  But what if my skin is no longer welcome? We need to maintain the diversity and safety for all in our party. 

As a Jewish, black, Native American, Republican woman, I don’t have a place in a party where the alt-right is welcomed with open arms.