Well folks, today’s the day. CPAC 2017 has officially kicked off, and attendees of all ages – from eager high schoolers to patriotic baby boomers – have flooded National Harbor.

Last year’s CPAC didn’t come without drama. In the weeks leading up to the event, the ACU (American Conservative Union) threw Marco Rubio under the bus by alleging that he was skipping out on the event, abandoning loyal conservatives. It turns out, he just hadn’t specified the time he would be coming, because he was pretty busy running for President of the United States.

Of course, this year’s CPAC has already ruffled some feathers, with the invitation and then rescinded invitation of controversial figure Milo Yiannopoulos to be the keynote speaker. Besides being his usual provocative self,  a video resurfaced of Milo making disturbing comments about pedophilia. Not only was Milo disinvited, but he has resigned from Breitbart and his book has been cancelled.

It will be interesting to see how former Republican presidential candidates will take on the Trump presidency in their speeches, or if they will at all. The 45th President is scheduled to speak on Friday, unless he cancels (like he did last year – awkward!).

CPAC 2017 will be most beneficial to conservative activists if speakers stay true and honest to their beliefs, but also remind everyone that the fight is really about principle at the end of the day, not politics.

So, folks, TheCollegeConservative is here to cover the entire event, start to finish. Be sure to check out our Twitter @TCC_US for updates and stories.

Here we go.


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