Yesterday morning, President Donald J. Trump spoke at the Conservative Political Action Conference in National Harbor, Maryland. During his nearly hour-long speech, he addressed many conservative hot-button issues, such as the Second Amendment and media bias. He also talked about illegal immigration and the proposed Mexican-American border wall, an idea he popularized during his campaign.

The border wall, like the so-called “Muslim Ban,” has been decried as “racist” and “hateful” by liberal media outlets. It’s as if there are no benefits to having tighter controls on immigration, legal or illegal.

Why shouldn’t we secure our borders against people who live in nations that are terrorist hotbeds, religion aside? What is wrong with no longer wanting illegal border crossings, where drugs like heroin cross over? Why is it bad to not want taxpayer money to fund sanctuary cities, where criminals are harbored by local governments?

National security, no matter how you go about it, is not racist. 65 nations out of the 196 on this earth have some sort of border structure.  Why, then, is President Trump “racist” for wanting to protect America and its citizens? Why is President Obama repeatedly praised for a soft 8 years on foreign policy? Is that the new ideal standard rather than safety and sovereignty?

Sanctuary cities like New York and Chicago are using taxpayer money to harbor criminals, people who crossed the border illegally. In 2014, over 75% of federal drug-related crime was attributed to illegal immigrants.  We’re not talking small bags of marijuana, but cartel-associated drug trafficking and selling. However, in these sanctuary cities, these criminals can stay safe, relishing in the comfort that no one will come and deport them. The federal government gave $342 million taxpayer dollars to 10 sanctuary cities that protect criminals.  That is a serious problem.

The purpose of President Trump’s wall is the same as the wall in Israel.  It would protect the safety of the citizens who reside within the nation’s borders from threats coming across. It’s time to put America first, and if a wall is the right place to start, it’s time to build one.