From systematic racism to the patriarchy, the left has done a fairly good job of sectioning off a large portion of society and labeling them all as victims of the political and social environment in our country. This rhetoric implies that since I’m both a minority and a woman, I’m not allowed to be anything other than oppressed. Regardless of the immense privileges I’ve had mostly due to, believe it or not, my ethnicity, I’m still persecuted by society.

I’m not denying that some people may have it slightly easier than others (more so in terms of economic advantages). But people are born into certain circumstances that they have no control over. So there is no reason to blindly shame someone who just happens to live a wealthier life. There is also no reason to label yourself a victim if you were born into a lower-income family. Those things are out of your control. Like they say, you can pick your nose but you can’t pick your family.

But I’m also not saying that people don’t face any struggles. No one lives a “perfect life” because of race, economic status, sexual orientation (etc.). It’s solely a matter of how you embrace those difficulties. Thinking logically and rationally about it and potentially taking responsibility for actions that may have led to the issue in the first place. It’s more productive to take these set-backs in a positive manner to grow, and opposed to using them to  say “my life sucked because of a) b) and c) so you and the rest of the world owe me something for it!

Talking about this just got me thinking about a video I came across a month or so ago. Posted by Fox News, it was a man on the street-like video with Ami Horowitz going around talking to people about voter I.D. laws. The questioned posed was: “Do voter I.D. laws suppress the black vote?” The answers Horowitz receives just re-emphasize the fact that a portion of society is immediately, without question, labeled as a victim. As a side note – I also don’t think these people realized how demeaning some of their statements were.

When Horowitz asks why voter I.D. laws are racist, one person states that it is “because they’re less likely to have state I.D.s.” Another explains that it is because “these type of people don’t live in areas with easy access to DMV’s.” Additionally, the topic of internet access was mentioned, and an individual stated that “they [the black community] don’t have the knowledge of… like how it works.”

Horowitz then goes to interview African-Americans living in East Harlem, and their answers completely contradict the previous remarks.

“I’m a victim”/”they’re a victim” perspective is built from a whole mess of things. You have to think so low of a group of people. There is the judging and making assumptions about other people, having an unnecessary self-loathing for one’s background. Permitting bumps in the road to be a defining factor that essentially leads to more stereotyping and hatred for oneself and others. It’s a never-ending sickening cycle that adds to what I said the other week about liberals being the eternal pessimists. So hopefully you realize the blatantly obvious negativity in this point of view. Maybe you can agree with me when I say it is tremendously counter-productive to individual success and the growth of society to shove this outlook down people’s throats.