On March 3rd, some rather interesting tweets resurfaced from the unlikeliest of places. Affinity Magazine, a teen-based liberal publication claiming to be pro-LGBTQ and for social justice, had a significant amount of racially charged and anti-gay tweets arise from the years 2012 through 2014, just three years ago. The publication has already issued an apology via twitter, but what is an apology worth when you compare black people to monkeys, calling them ‘unf**kable’, and refer to ethnic hair as ‘niggar hair’? It doesn’t end there, not from their publication, and definitely not for liberals.

The liberal media’s hypocrisy is not something new; we saw it this past election season with Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton’s pandering to black and Hispanic voters, comparing herself to other ‘Abuelas’ and claiming she always has hot sauce in her bag, a Beyonce reference. The liberal media has proved, time and time again, they don’t represent the interests of any person that doesn’t line their pockets, like when Cory Booker and 12 other Democrats voting against lower medicine prices after receiving lobbyist money. It was seen when Secretary Clinton and President Obama were anti-gay marriage and then both flipped with the tide of public opinion.

From Southern Democrats being the KKK’s roots to now, the leftist agenda only includes people of color and LGBTQ individuals when it benefits them. My identity should not be the basis of their politics, and yet, Democrat Congressmen and women who have little to no experience in minority communities or understand what it’s like to be one are speaking as if they speak for me and any other person of color, or even worse, pretending to be a minority for their personal benefit. While they tout ideas that are harmful to communities of color, such as being anti-school choice and relegating a student’s education to their zip code, they claim to be working in our interest in exchange for votes, and yet, nothing ever comes of it.

My identity is not for sale, and I’m sick of people sticking their fist in the air in performative allyship and telling me they know better and will advocate for me, just because I’m a Republican. I’m sick of hearing that I must have ‘cooned out’. Sometimes, it’s taken a step further and I’m called an ‘Uncle Tom’, ‘race traitor’, or my personal favorite, ‘house n***a’, just because I don’t allow my identity to be abused in exchange for the benefit of others, and unsurprisingly, I’m sick of that too. I am a person, equally as capable as the next, color regardless, and I can advocate for myself and have my own beliefs without being a ‘coon’, as I am usually dubbed.

From Affinity Magazine’s past comments to Secretary Clinton’s comments on super-predators, from Planned Parenthood’s racist roots to Senator Warren profiting off of my Native American identity, I am sick of liberal performative allyship. I am done being painted as if I, amongst others, require the help of liberals to thrive. I don’t, and my blackness and native roots aren’t to be used for your agenda.