You can make many arguments as to what crisis or enemy is the biggest on the world stage right now. ISIS, Global Warming, Iran, disease–all of these would raise valid arguments. America, and the world at large, have some serious problems to solve.

However, despite all these worthy challenges, the left has picked a rather different foe: birth certificates.

The left’s newest narrative is trying to push the idea that gender and sex are two separate things. That you can be born male and later decide that you are female. Gender is just a social stigma we brand on each person. Really, we can “identify” as either gender if we want to.

Last week, a high school junior competed in and won the Texas Girls Wrestling State Championship. However, Mack Beggs–female–had an unfair advantage: she is mid-transition to male, and is undergoing testosterone treatment.

The problem? All major sports leagues ban testosterone. This is because it is a performance enhancing drug.

In an on-air discussion, CNN’s Chris Cuomo argued in the defense of the Transgender child. He said that had the state of Texas accepted transgender children, Mack would have wrestled with the boys “where he belongs.”

Aside from the fact that ANY competitor who uses testosterone should be banned from competition, Cuomo failed to acknowledge one major point. The point is that a person is born with a biological sex, and that sex determines the person’s gender. That’s all we need to establish biologically and from a chromosomal perspective.

Up until a few years ago, we called the condition of feeling as though someone should be of the opposite sex a mental illness: Gender Identity Disorder. Even under more recent (and politicized) terminology, Gender Dysphoria is still recognized as a serious mental health condition.

To allow children who suffer from this disorder to go against their biology and “change genders” is cruel. This is not a proper alternative to treating the illness. It’s like knowing your child has an addiction to alcohol, yet encouraging them to imbibe and keep drinking so they feel better. That is clearly not a valid solution, and neither is allowing children to “transition” to a desired gender.

To be clear, we should be very sympathetic towards people suffering from this horrible illness. However, we cannot sit back and allow this new narrative created by the left to become the norm. In the same people don’t get to choose who their parents are or who their extended family is, people do not get to choose which gender they are born with. All we can do is attempt to make the best life possible with what we have.

Unless, of course, the left decides that we can identify as children of other people. In that case, I will choose to identify as the son of Chuck Norris.