Immigration is probably the most significant historical foundation that the United States of America was founded on. Immigration means change. It signifies a fresh start and a new opportunity in the free world to pursue the American dream. That is why generation after generation has made the brave journey to our country.

When Ellis Island was used as an immigration gateway in 1892, there were slightly over half a million immigrants entering the United States at the time, according to The Department of Homeland Security. In 2015, that number doubled, showing that legal immigration is an even bigger part of our culture.

But if becoming a citizen of the United States is such an empowering and joyous step in someone’s life, why does the left tolerate illegal immigration, an unlawful act that undermines an American tradition?

A liberal counter-argument usually includes a statement about how the President is anti-immigration. The left tends to leave out the word “illegal” within this statement in order to make the actual immigration platform seem unconstitutional. The real policy is to create deportation forces and a southern border wall to alleviate the country of a possible 11 million undocumented immigrants.

As a conservative, it is frustrating when many on the left consistently back illegal activity that is specifically outlined in the Constitution in the 14th Amendment. This portion of the Constitution claims that “anyone born on American soil … or naturalized by the federal government” is considered an American citizen. Entertaining the idea of relaxed immigration reform is not only disrespectful to the legal institution that this country has instilled but it is also completely in contradiction of Constitution.

Reform must take place to shorten the legal immigration process and make it more efficient. This is something both parties can agree on. The Constitution, however, should be followed under every circumstance even in times of disagreement.

Immigration is an important part of our culture and we welcome immigrants with open arms.  In regards to illegal immigration, Trump’s ideas aren’t anti-immigrant, they are legal and pro-American.