It seems that Planned Parenthood has made a new ideological transition. An offshoot of bygone feminist campaigns that sought to normalize abortion, this new pro-choice movement doesn’t merely glamorize the practice. This new movement conflates abortion with a variety of seemingly unrelated social issues and trends. These run the gamut from minority groups to transgender issues.

It seems that Planned Parenthood is aggressively exploiting the grievances, concerns, and fear of other people. All of this, of course, is an effort to keep its abortion business running.

Now under threat of being federally defunded, Planned Parenthood has ramped up its marketing strategy. The abortion giant is hedging further into increasingly progressive political territory. Its latest tack is to disassociate biological sex from motherhood. In a recent tweet, the abortion provider took the unusual step of calling for gender-neutral language in the abortion business.

The attached article states in part:

[T]he truth is that there are transgender, non-binary, and gender non-conforming people who need abortion access, too – and society’s assumptions about gender are making that really difficult.

This, of course, comes from the same abortion outlet that has previously targeted Hispanic women. The same provider also placed the overwhelming majority of its clinics in minority neighborhoods.

Planned Parenthood’s recent move to ensnare a greater portion of the marketplace doesn’t come as much of a shock. But their blatantly unscientific pandering and attempts to couch their marketing techniques in progressive language do little to conceal what seems to be their true motivation: roping in as many customers as possible.

After all, despite Planned Parenthood’s use of women’s health services as a shield against criticism, both rational observers and Planned Parenthood itself understand that abortion is what keeps the lights on.