In 2002, the Netherlands legalized “assisted suicide.” Politically correct terminology aside, doctors were permitted to murder their patients with their consent.

Now, it seems that even consent is optional. The senior doctor of a nursing home recently decided that the “time was right” for his elderly patient, a woman in her eighties suffering from dementia, to die.

First, the doctor put a sleep-inducing pill in her coffee. Then he attempted to administer a lethal injection. When his victim resisted, he had other people hold her down as he forcibly ended her life.

The Dutch court decided that the doctor acted in good faith. He will face no legal action, despite the blood on his hands.

Advocates for “pulling the plug” and lethal injection are pushing to legalize physician-induced murder. Proponents of the practice are driven by a materialistic view of man (a view, incidentally, with many roots in Marxism), and are encouraged by health care providers who prefer to save money by having their patients killed rather than cared for.

Don’t think that only those who choose to end their lives are affected. Doctors, eager to clear hospital beds and without appreciation of the value of life, encourage their patients to commit suicide.

Recently, a member of my community suffered a terrible car accident and fell into a coma. The doctors encouraged her husband to pull the plug. They claimed it was the merciful, ethical thing to do. Fortunately, her husband understood that expertise in medicine does not automatically indicate an expertise in ethics. He refused to give up on his wife. After continued care, she emerged from the coma, and has since been able to return home.

If her husband had not possessed the courage he did, his children would be motherless. He resisted the well-meaning but arrogant voices who were sure that his wife’s life was better off finished.

Life is too precious to be ended by man.