Admitting failure is hard, and admitting outright defeat is even harder. Admitting a loss means it stops being a possibility and it becomes real to you. You can’t avoid it by saying, like Scarlett O’Hara, “I won’t think about that today. I’ll think about it tomorrow!”

Democrats have done Scarlett one better: they think about nothing but their loss, but they’re determined to not take the blame.

Democrats and the media trotted out several narratives to explain why they are losing. First, it was “whitelash,” coined by Van Jones. Then, it was “fake news” and “alternative facts.” And, from start to finish, there was also Russia. Big, bad Russia. Vlad Putin became the puppet-master of Donald Trump. Putin hacked the election. Putin is influencing Donald through a dossier published by Buzzfeed.

The Democratic convention in February refused to look honestly at the left’s reasons for losing.  Democrats lost not just the Presidency, but the House, Senate, a majority of state governorships, and a majority of state legislatures.

Instead of backing off, Democrats are now demanding an apology over the latest reveal about Trump’s staff’s data being capture by intelligence agencies as part of non-Russian related investigations. Not asking, mind you, but demanding! Even CNN is getting a little tired of this act.

When Mitt Romeny lost in 2012, many on the Right declared conservatism dead. They started looking for new ways to evolve so that conservatives could win again. No one foresaw Trump’s win, but the American Right has definitely begun to move in new directions in recent years. Many on the right have become more populist, more trenchant, and more willing to strike back at the Left rather than take the hits with civility. These people have become less supportive of free trade, adopting protectionist rhetoric. They turn their backs more and more upon international adventures, in favor of a more “America First” foreign policy approach.

In short, the right’s factions found a way to work together and move ahead… on some issues. Others are still up for grabs.

However, the Left and the Democratic Party are almost the exact opposite. The movement’s leaders have proven so unwilling to change that Nancy Pelosi–the nigh-traitorous former Majority Leader who said “you have to pass the bill to find out what’s in it”–will remain in power for the current Congress.

But there’s a reason that Democrats, and the chattering classes that comprise their media adjunct, won’t stop talking and listen. They fear the silence of their own thoughts. They fear the accusing fingers which are pointed at them.

For the Left’s leaders to stop talking and actually learn why they lost, they’d have to abandon their moral superiority. But knowing that they are right, moral, and virtuous–and that those arrayed against them are wrong, immoral, and wicked–makes them who and what they are. And they won’t give up their false sense of moral security.

For example, if they paused for a moment to consider how far they have moved from the rest of the nation (excluding, of course, the academic and urban bastions they control), they’d have to think that common people have something to say. They would have to consider that our concerns over Islam, immigration, and more are not merely manifestations of bigotry. That our concerns are rooted in love of country, and a concern over the changes which have been sweeping through it for decades.

When you’re riding high on the hog, and the world goes your way, it’s easy to think it will always go that way. But pride goes before the fall. The only way up is when you’ve hit bottom. The Democrats haven’t hit bottom yet, maybe they will soon.

Maybe then, they’ll finally find a way back up. And maybe the moon really is made of green cheese.