Vice President Mike Pence has scandalized the nation once again.

This time? The publication of a recent Washington Post article that included comments Pence made to The Hill in 2002 has inflamed leftists. Pence is under fire… for being loyal to his wife.

The Ridiculous Charges

In the Washington Post article, Pence shared that one of the ways he expresses his loyalty and devotion to his wife is by upholding physical and emotional boundaries in his interactions with other women. In the article, Pence stated that he refuses to have dinner alone with another woman, or attend an event featuring alcohol, unless his wife Karen is present.

This seems like common sense to some. However, as is usually the case with views that do not conform to thin-skinned groupthink mentality, it doesn’t stop the selective outrage crowd from taking once more to their social media soapboxes.

Internet liberals are now lecturing Pence, and anyone who thinks similarly, on why they are awful, archaic people:

For a movement that is allegedly based on a “live and let live” philosophy, modern progressives sure have some interesting perspectives on how two consenting adults can conduct their personal relationships.

Predictable Intolerance

If you’re shocked, you shouldn’t be. This is, after all, the true face of the “equal rights” movement.

These are the anti-mansplainers, the pro-choicers, and the get-the-government-out-of-my-bedroom-ers. They present themselves as noble freedom-fighters battling against a nefarious conservative agenda, one that they claim is out to oppress them from the White House all the way into their bedrooms.

But they are not actually resisting the Trump administration. Rather, they are resisting any person, place, or idea that does not blindly surrender itself to their cultural vise-grip.

Naturally, this is not the first time that the left has focused their outrage machine to attack people of faith. Progressives have attacked Christians for decades, demanding they compromise their beliefs lest they be subjected to threats of financial ruin or public shaming.

While I don’t believe it is wise to respond to every leftist slight, I do believe in shining a light on absurdity from time to time. I also believe that it is sometimes necessary to defend our faith and the right to practice it freely. The progressive propaganda machine has grown increasingly hostile to religious freedom and traditional values.

In this environment, it is all the more necessary that people of faith–including Mike Pence–wear their belief openly and unapologetically.