Twitter has practically removed the need for a White House press secretary. That role, until now, required going to great lengths to be as boring as possible and prevent a media firestorm. And serve as a gate between the president and the rest of the world.

Trump, however, has no gates–he’s openly accessible, and he doesn’t make you guess what he’s thinking. He openly tells you, and sometimes shares a little too much. He tramples on his press secretary’s head, in a bath-robe no less, and acts like it never happened.

This begs the question: what the heck is Sean Spicer, a veteran Republican communications guru, actually doing?

If one were to watch what Trump and Spicer say, one would think they exist in two different universes. That’s because they do: Sean Spicer is the only ranking official in Trump’s White House with prior extensive government experience. But his performance, as even many conservatives agree, can be seen as amateurish. Why in the world would Trump, who’s raked in hundreds of millions by being his own publicist, leave his own PR to someone else?

You might think POTUS has more presidential things to do, like prevent nuclear war and keep the government “running.” But, as Harry S. Truman dryly observed, the president is nothing more than a glorified public relations hack. And Trump is good at this, maybe too good.

Furthermore, why would Trump need to speak with journalists who get things awfully wrong? Odd creatures whose only motivation is turning mundane things into crises in order to get fleeting praise from other journalists? Some members of the press, like the late Michael Hastings, do good work. But except for that select few, cockroaches–excuse me, “journalists”–couldn’t care less about substance, but adore sensationalism.

Trump is a master sensationalist, and he doesn’t need journalists to sensationalize for him. Nor does he need journalists to serve as the middle man between his own words and the rest of the world. (The Founding Fathers must regret giving these parasites a mention in the U.S constitution.)

Trump can just give it straight from his head, and everyone will be clear about what he means. As Trump himself has observed,”The facts are true, the news is fake.”

Trump might lie, but he also doesn’t deny his lies. He simply contradicts himself without denouncing his previous statements. Or, he deflects by saying something outrageous that will remove attention from his other lies. Everyone knows it, and so does Trump himself. He doesn’t need “standards” created by others to dictate his behavior.

This might explain why he said this to a feckless Time magazine reporter: “I’m President and you’re not.” That’s right: Trump is president and you’re not. He has proven that he can succeed by the sheer will of his nature combined with extreme luck. It would be wise to let him be, and not remain in a perpetual state of outrage (establishment) from every utterance of Trump’s words (or fingers).

The world is facing many threats from many bad people. It might be a good idea to have someone who knows just how to be bad to take them on.  Trump would succeed in taking them on, if it weren’t for the “professional” chattering class who have no real purpose on earth.

If Elon Musk is looking to send experimental creatures to Mars, journalists should be the first to go. One would be surprised how many problems would suddenly disappear.