The mainstream media is being replaced by alternative media sources–and the people in charge aren’t happy about the change.

Once upon a time, the media was something only a few people controlled. There were only a handful of TV networks and news providers. Radio and film were also held in and directed by a few hands. Through these means, a particular message was presented. If you didn’t like it, too bad.

Those days are growing more and more distant. Today, the sources available for news and opinions are almost endless: TV, digital newspapers and magazines, YouTube, blogs, and more. Now, any taste in news can be accommodated.

Despite this fact, mainstream journalists want to go on imagining themselves as clones of Woodward and Bernstein, bold speakers of truth to power. They picture themselves standing up for the little guy against an angry orange ogre who once lived atop a black tower, but has since moved to a White House.

The fact that the mainstream media has lost the public’s trust has not quite sunk in yet.

Another kind of media has arisen: the alternative media. Consisting of people from transgender commentator Blaire White, to comedian Andrew Klavan, to the raging SJWs, and beyond. They are creators who have adapted themselves to the new means of propagating ideas, and are doing quite well at it.

YouTube clips by men like Paul Joseph Watson, the angry Limey of InfoWars, regularly attracts views by the millions. By contrast, the average prime-time cable news viewership in 2016 was a mere 3 million. That’s all cable news, not just Fox or CNN.

The fact that they do not control, or profit, from the alternative media makes the mainstream media quite upset.

So this year, they have gone on the attack.

They first took aim at the YouTuber called Pewdiepie. Pewdiepie is the king of online gaming and commentary, and is the most watched person on YouTube–with an income to match. In a few of his videos, Pewdiepie made Nazi-related jokes. Starting in mid-February, media outlets from Vox to the Wall Street Journal took aim at this odd Swedish gamer king.

The campaign ended with Pewdiepie’s reputation in tatters, costing him a lucrative deal with Disney in the process.

With their usual lack of research, some writers seek to lump together all YouTube content creators who don’t match their own ideas and denounce them as a whole. So, we find that people like Sargon of Akkad, a left-leaning libertarian, are put in the same category with Paul Joseph Watson and others.

This lumping of everyone together makes clear what the mainstream media is desperate to have us believe. According to Mika Berzinski, they are the ones who are supposed to tell people what to think, and not anyone else.

But mainstream media sources, except possibly Fox, are losing control of the cultural narrative as other voices rise to prominence.

These new perspectives are as wide as can be imagined: conspiracy theories, solid commentary, satire, and even rationalist critiques of Left-wing silliness. And if a creator’s content is not good enough to please their consumers, we consumers will move on. The alternative media, thus, is operating in a very free market atmosphere.

The internet is aiding in the creation of a form of media which is beyond the direct control of ideologues. But that doesn’t mean that the MSM won’t try to get control of it.

For some months, I have come across rumors of conspiracies between Google (they own YouTube), and the MSM getting together to put tighter controls upon content creators. There is no evidence of any such conspiracy. But what can be seen is the attempt of individuals to defend their own self-interests.

Where the new faces of the alternative media will go is uncertain. But we can imagine that, so long as the mainstream media exists, others will arise to critique them where necessary and mock them when needed.