After reviewing a Congressional joint resolution, President Trump officialy reversed a Title X funding regulation put in place by the Obama administration. The regulation required all 50 states to provide federal funding to family planning centers, regardless of whether or not those centers provided abortions. The resolution, which gives states the power to deny Title X funding to abortion providers like Planned Parenthood, is a landmark victory for the pro-life movement.

‚ÄúPrioritizing funding away from Planned Parenthood to comprehensive health care alternatives is a winning issue.”Marjorie Dannenfelser, President of the Susan B Anthony List

While the fight for unborn rights continues, the future of the pro-life movement is undoubtedly looking brighter. If a nation’s values can be inspired by the standards espoused by its leadership, then this new rollback not only marks a legislative victory for pro-lifers across the nation, but also for those who wish to see a shift in our country’s attitude toward the rights of the unborn.

Big Abortion and Society

This decision directly challenges the value system espoused by the Obama administration, whose views on the sanctity of life seem to have been in complete contrast to the pro-life rhetoric championed by our current administration. Planned Parenthood, who relied greatly on President Obama, both as a mouthpiece for their cause and as a source of legislative protection, is well aware that their abortion business is under threat. The decision, made both in favor of states’ rights and pro-life interests, sends a strong signal that the era of federally imposed pro-abortion mandates is over.

If Planned Parenthood is the face of big abortion, then our current administration is the face of its resistance. Further, if its goal is to monopolize the industry of affordable women’s “healthcare” in order to keep its lucrative abortion business thriving, then minimizing Planned Parenthood’s access to federal tax dollars is the first step towards deconstructing the abortion culture it helped to create.