Central Intelligence Chief Mike Pompeo recently defended his agency, brushing off accusations that his agency spied on Americans through microwaves. He also roasted WikiLeaks with a stern warning, basically saying not to mess with America.

Pompeo made his first official public remarks last week at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington D.C. He is a former Congressman from Kansas and a military officer who graduated first in his class from West Point.

The new CIA Director officially sparked his feud with WikiLeaks head Julian Assange during these remarks.

Pompeo believes that WikiLeaks is a malignant organization acting on the behalf of Russia, calling it a “hostile intelligence service.” He said that its work, fueled by “demons” like Edward Snowden, “inflict[s] irreparable harm on both individuals and democratic governments, pleasing despots along the way.” He added that the United States will “no longer allow Assange and his colleagues the latitude to use free speech values against us.” He also warned that the WikiLeaks show simply “ends now.”

Pompeo also defended his agency’s workers, and threw out “the fanciful notion that they spy on their fellow citizens via microwave ovens.” He added that they “try not to get too worked up over the headlines.” This is good, because there’s nothing much that can be learned from headlines stirred up by idiots.

It’s unclear whether Trump shares Pompeo’s views on WikiLeaks. Trump famously called on WikiLeaks to find and reveal his opponent’s emails during the 2016 presidential race. Trump also once claimed to “love WikiLeaks” and proclaimed that “it’s amazing how nothing is secret today.”

This line of thinking is arguably okay–so long as they are not the secrets of the Unites States or of private Americans that are uncovered. WikiLeaks, however, has mainly targeted Western Democracies, which will be a problem for the Trump administration.

Trump may, however, perform a whiplash-inducing 180 from loving WikiLeaks to actually hating it. Trump recently recently did such a flip on Syria, going from no direct involvement at all to immediate U.S involvement. His ability to rapidly switch stances should be reassuring when evaluating Trump’s views on WikiLeaks.

Hopefully, Trump switches his views on WikiLeaks fast, as he still has yet to denounce the group publicly. After one of his top intel chiefs called Assange a “fraud” and a “coward” who “relies on the dirty work of others to make himself famous,” it would be hard for Trump not to reverse his stance.

There’s absolutely no room for love left for Wiki Leaks. As Pompeo said, the group is a “determined enemy” of America, one well on its way to Trump’s hate list.