Out of touch Hollywood celebrities have failed yet again in their bid to support a political candidate with pockets full of money. This time, their candidate of choice was Democrat Jon Ossoff, who is running for Georgia’s 6th congressional district recently vacated by Rep.Tom Price who left to work for the Trump administration as Secretary of Health and Human Services. Ossoff’s campaign spent $8.3 million, which is more than half the total amount spent by all 18 candidates.

There were high hopes from liberals that the 30 year former congressional aide and filmmaker would reach the 50 percent mark needed to clench the seat, but their hopes were crushed again and remained in fantasy land.

Ossoff came close with 48% of the vote, but the race now heads to a runoff, making it unlikely for Ossoff to win. This outcome is similar to last week’s house race in Kansas, where Republican Ron Estes crushed the Democrat’s dreams in their bid to capture a house seat that was vacated by Rep. Mike Pompeo, who now serves as the CIA director.

However, what was notable about Ossoff, who doesn’t even reside and can’t vote in the district he’s running in, is the amount of outside reinforcements he brought into the race. Most of those reinforcements came from Hollywood celebrities who sank Hillary’s election in late 2016, after pushing the message that Hillary was an out of touch elitist.

Ossoff deployed more than 3,000 folks, used celebrities like Samuel L. Jackson brought in by the Democratic National Committee for radio ads, and raised liberal hopes that his election to the house would somehow “stop Trump”. It’s important to note that never in American history has a sole congressman been that powerful, let alone in a Congress dominated in both houses by the opposite party. This fantasy can only exist in a movie.

The flurry of activity astonished the humble residents of Georgia’s 6th district. One resident noted that Ossoff campaigners were “out in force!” and said that he’d “never seen anything quite like this.”

Of course, Georgia’s 6th congressional district has been a Republican stronghold going way back to the late 70’s when it launched Newt Gingrich’s career. Rep. Price has held on to the same district since the late 90’s and it was highly unlikely, even crazy, that the seat would turn blue.

Even the Democratic National Committee, that’s currently in disarray, hesitated to get involved in the race. They only did so after realizing the crazy amount of outside attention the race was getting and eventually sent nine staffers to help.

Rarely has a congressional race received this much attention. And yet, despite all these efforts the Democrats failed to clench the seat. Karen Handel is the GOP favorite to win the seat who came in with 19 percent. President Trump took to twitter congratulating the GOP for the “BIG ‘R’ win with runoff in Georgia” and blasted the “major outside money, FAKE media support” that rallied behind Ossoff.