The political left often touts the ideas of equality and feminism while wearing their pink ‘pussy’ hats and insulting President Trump. From Lena Dunham, a hateful, anti-semitic, vulgar woman who claims she ‘wants to have an abortion’ to Madonna, who made threats about bombing the White House and claimed she’d give ‘oral sex to Clinton voters’, these are the current main faces of the modern American feminist movement. These are the women who are supposedly leading the next generation of women. How are we allowing a convicted terrorist to be leading The Women’s March?

More importantly, what has modern American feminism done for anyone recently? In a world of bridal kidnapping and female genital mutilation, what has Lena Dunham done to improve the lives of women in the Middle East with no agency, who can’t leave their homes without a male guardian because they live in an actually patriarchal society? Where is the feminist outrage about young women in Michigan being subjected to female genital mutilation, in our own country? Yet, these feminists stay silent, because of the inequality of equality.

We live in a country where men and women are practically equal. Yes, women may come up a few cents short on a paycheck and face sexual harassment in the workplace. Although these issues are serious and should be addressed, the fact is that women in America have privileges that women in other nations wouldn’t dare dream of.

As we define feminism as the advocacy of women’s rights based on equality of the sexes, it pains me to have to ask, what exactly is feminism doing for American women? We are fortunate enough to live in a society where we are seen, almost entirely, as equals. But further, I have to ask, what is this American brand of feminism doing for the women who need it most?

These are the same women who are advocating for no war in Syria, a nation that is killing off women and children using poison gas, just because it was President Trump who sent in the bombs. Yet, these are the same women that support Syrian refugees resettling into our nation. These are the same women that disavowed a conservative, pro-life feminist group from participating in The Women’s March. These women are not pro-women, in fact they’re far from it. They’re pro-women, as long as the women who want to be involved fit the mold built for them. The truth about modern American feminism is that it’s just another self-serving group. Frankly, this feminism fights for no one but its narrow self.