We all know the saying, “getting away with murder.” And if you’re someone powerful, like a politician, maybe you can.

But what about getting away with rape? Is that possible in today’s world?

Progressives would argue no–at least, not if they have anything to say about it. On college campuses across the United States, men are told that they are potential rapists who cannot be trusted. Feminists claim that, when a woman claims to have been sexually assaulted, she should always be believed, no matter what the evidence may say. Europe has a sort of feminism similar to what is in the States. Europe boasts the radical Femen, a women’s group which disrupts public meetings while topless with slogans painted on their bodies.

But there’s a fly in the ointment of leftist rage. There is an inconsistency which may undermine the very reason they do what they do. Its name? Cultural relativism.

Last September, a young mother of three children left her home in Sunderland, UK, to go out for the evening. Chelsey says she had 3 drinks, and remembers nothing more. She claims she woke up in a strange home, wearing nothing but her underwear. She was faced with a man who looked Turkish, who told her she couldn’t get out. When he opened the door to let another man in, she bolted, and was kicked down a flight of stairs, near a door to the outside.

Chelsey made a successful escape from her abductors, but her tale was not yet done.

Chelsey headed to a sexual trauma clinic, where she was inspected, photographed, and given both a rape kit inspection and the morning after pill. She reported the incident to police; as a result, six men from Iraq, Syria and Bahrain were arrested. Soon after, those men were released, and the case has been dropped by the Sunderland constabulary.

When I wrote to the constabulary, they stated that five men were originally released, “while a case file on the sixth man was passed to the Crown Prosecution Service who decided there was not enough evidence to pursue a prosecution.”

This case has drawn the attention of Rebel Media’s Tommy Robinson, who has covered both the victim’s story and the protests that took place last week in Sunderland.

In another case, this time in Germany, a Turkish man was recently released by a judge, after having been accused of rape by a German woman. The judge’s reasoning was that, due to differences between Turkish and German culture, the Turkish man did not, culturally speaking, believe he was raping her.

This is a truly bizarre reversal of normal human life. Normally, society punishes rapists for an extended period of time. Those who rape children suffer even longer jail sentences, which they may not survive. The mutilation of one’s own children is a crime.

But not anymore.

Now, culture is being treated as an arbiter of what is or is not rape under the law. How far does this logic go? One wonders whether Afghani officers raping young boys is really rape at all. Or, for that matter, should female genital mutilation more properly be called, culturally speaking, an act of familial love?

The increasing irrationality of social justice and moral relativism has taken us to this place. No crime may be publicly denounced, except the crime of not agreeing with those in positions of influence. Above all else, the progressive narrative must be maintained.

Influential people in Europe and America have become so morally lost that they cannot condemn crimes when the people committing them are of a different races or cultures than they are. This is the result of social justice. Treating justice as something between groups, rather than between a person and the law, will almost certainly produce perversions.

The world falls apart around us. Destroy your city, and the Feds will rebuild it. Rape a woman, and you walk. So long as your skin color and cultural background are appropriately aggrieved enough, this passes for justice.

Can anyone remind me, have we always been at war with Eurasia?