Amidst the videos of Trump allegedly “pushing” NATO members aside and blameworthy Occupy Democrat posts, the media networks and social media platforms neglect any news that point to President Trump’s success. He is faulty, as all people can be, but the left’s constant criticism of the president is both unproductive and trivial.

With this article, and in my earlier piece, “The ‘Trump’ Nobody is Talking About”, I expose some of the more prolific and positive changes the president has achieved for our country.

The president’s more recent success occurred earlier this month via executive order. The “Religious Liberty” executive order, signed in the White House Rose Garden, is designed to encourage political participation from religious organizations and churches without the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) interfering. This order expands the first amendment, politically, to tax-exempt religious groups “that stops short of an endorsement of a candidate or office”.

In regards to numerical results, President Trump has recently made large strides within the job creation and immigration realm. Because of the president’s strong approach to immigration policy, as of April, illegal immigration is down 61 percent, according to The Washington Times. Even more spectacular is the exponential addition of jobs for the American people. In February and March of this year 317,000 jobs have been added to the market as opposed to President Obama’s job addition of only 187,000 jobs, in the whole year of 2016.

The most current accomplishment comes from the middle-eastern tour the president ended this past week. Before his return to the states, President Trump stopped in Israel and paid respects to the country. Though the articles come from sources and statements of distaste and criticism, the now-famous picture of the president slipping a letter to God in the Western Wall (once the Second Temple) is plastered all over the internet and media sources.

The trip to Israel showed the country our support, a feat not achieved by our last president. According to local, Israeli officials, the citizens of Israel see President Trump and his visit as a sign of affection and a sign of healthy diplomacy to come.

President Trump is abrupt, loud, and stubborn, but he is creating jobs, cutting down illegal immigration, fighting for religious freedom, and fixing the broken relationship we endured for eight years with Israel. Before reading that Facebook post about Trump’s most recent actions, make sure to find context and less partisan language.