On Tuesday, May 30th, comedian (if you find her humorous) Kathy Griffin posted a photo taken by highly controversial photographer Tyler Shields. This photo portrays Kathy Griffin holding a bleeding, severed head of the President while she looks at the camera emotionless. The actual picture may be seen on Fox News’ Entertainment section here.

After severe backlash from both the left and the right alike, Griffin gave a rushed, vague apology on social media that was directed to the public and not to the President and his family.

The photo has received backlash from 2012 GOP Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney, Chelsea Clinton, Senator Jeff Flake, and several other celebrities from both political sides.

Some footage also surfaced of Griffin and Shields mulling over the photo shoot taken with the fake, bloodied head of the President. As they reviewed the photo shoot results, Griffin mutters to Shields, “We have to move to Mexico today, but we’re going to go to prison — federal prison…We’re not surviving this, okay?”

Of course the President tweeted about the situation from his personal account, @realDonaldTrump. He stated his disgust for the photo and how his children, especially his eleven year old son Barron, are “having a hard time with this.”

This was not photography and this was in no way artistic. It was threatening the highest seat in the United States’ government. It was in poor taste and came from a place of petty, radical politics. The most disturbing element of the photo shoot was that, whether or not Griffin and Shields knew, it reminded Americans of the horrific beheading events against Americans and Christians in the Middle East.

Fortunately enough, negativity and attention on Twitter stirred the Secret Service and FBI. The Secret Service even tweeted: “Threats made against @SecretService protectees receive the highest priority of all of our investigations. #ProtectionNeverRests”

The First Amendment is crucial to us all and should never be revoked. Griffin’s photos are definitely an exception to the amendment as it suggests violence to the President. A situation like this should be handled accordingly and with full seriousness.

What Kathy Griffin did was not at all entertaining, if she ever was.