Bill Nye likes to show the world he’s truly a “woke” scientist who knows a thing or two about the “sexuality spectrum.” In a recent debacle that went viral on YouTube, Bill showcased infamous SJW Rachel Bloom as she danced in front of children. In a song titled “My Sex Junk,” Rachel sings cringe inducing lyrics about “sex stew” and “A Tall Pansexual.” The gratuitous display seemed to leave Nye happy and giddy as he rocked out with his mouth open, next to “DJ Sea horse.” After the song which would leave any normal conscious person in shock, Nye came out and told the audience, “That’s exactly the right message, Rachel.”

It’s clear that we’ve reached an apex in “progressive” absurdity in America. The once visible lines between reality and parody are gray. One could easily mistake the entire Nye show as a joke, but it’s not. In the new series titled “Bill Nye Saves The World,” the once respected childhood character becomes a liberal activist. Common Sense Media rates the new show as appropriate for kids 13+. Ironically, following the craziness of the video, Netflix removed an episode of his original show that explained the chromosomal definition of sexes. While this is all seemingly predictable, the comment sections of the viral video is what left many viewers laughing. If you want a laugh, check them out here.

But comedy and crudeness aside, the bigger takeaway is that the path of progressives like Nye will only weaken the left. Just because a man in a bow tie with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering believes in a “Sexuality Spectrum,” doesn’t mean the rest of the country does. According to a 2016 Rasmussen Poll, 51% of parents are opposed to transgender students using the opposite bathroom of their biological sex. This comes after a 64% opposition to a Dept. of Education directive that sought to allow transgender students to use locker rooms and bathrooms of the opposite sex. But you don’t have to be a staunc conservative to find the Nye film repulsive, and that’s what will ultimately ruin the left. Transgender bathroom perspective polling doesn’t mean the country is bigoted; it just means parents want some kind of structure in their schools.

Bill Nye is really doing a great service to opponents by normalizing things that people on the left even find ridiculous. If democratic lawmakers follow in the lies of Nye, they better start packing. Polls and numbers mean nothing to these activists because if they did maybe the 190,000+ dislikes on the video or an IMDB rating of 1.8 stars would make Nye come to his senses. When a political perspective becomes truly morally bankrupt, it can not move forward. Progress shouldn’t be defined by insanity, but rather come from an intellectual debate and analysis on the issues. However, don’t ask Nye to debate you on climate change as he’d rather put you in jail for dissenting.